Best Citizen award for Mudra

16 Nov,2011

By A Correspondent


Mudra Group has recently won the award for ‘Best Corporate Citizen, India’ at the GABM (Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires). GABM has introduced the ‘Best India Corporate Citizen Award’ program, first and foremost, to give recognition to those outstanding Indian corporations who are engaged in good corporate citizenship practices.

GABM was founded in 2000 as a private and exclusive non-profit society of billionaires and millionaires from all over the world. They represent a group of relentless philanthropists who firmly believe that the engagement be corporations in local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, or donations made by individuals to local charities does not suffice in terms of good corporate citizenship, or ultimately a way to escape our collective responsibilities towards the creation of a safe and better global economy for all mankind. Considering the enormous challenges facing the global economy of today, their philosophy is that real good corporate citizens must, as a matter of course, unite in a strong international collective to actively and physically participate in intelligently designed programmes, which significantly enhance international business development of entrepreneurship, and the creation of sustainable jobs etc.

Commenting on winning the award, Mr Ajit Menon, Executive Director, Organisation Development, Mudra Group, said, “Mudra Group has always believed in the philosophy of ‘people first’ be it employees or the society. Being a home grown agency, we realize that it is this country and its people who have helped us become what we are today and strongly feel that we need to give back to the society that has helped us. Mudra is currently engaged in various CSR activities such as Blood Donation Camps, Protsahan India Foundation (NGO), Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & DeafBlind (NGO), Himjoli (NGO) and Udayan Care (NGO), in the country and will continue to do so.”

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