Anil Thakraney’s Debrief: Nice idea

03 Nov,2011

McDonald’s has launched an icy new dessert called McFlurry. I did try it out the other day and was left quite unimpressed. Would like to discuss that in detail, but since I don’t get paid to do food reviews, let’s cut to the chase.


The idea is ‘Slow down in life with McFlurry’. The commercial features very busy people taking a leisurely break over a McFlurry. Essentially corporate execs and other rushed souls. I like the idea of taking a quiet break from life, of taking some time off on a hurried day. And a nice, delightful dessert goes well in that situation. The execution is cool, too. A laidback jingle, assorted people cooling off… the commercial does catch the spirit of slowing down. The situations could have been more interesting, but that’s fine. That can be corrected as the idea evolves. So, all in all, a good one.


However, here’s a request for McDonald’s: They must make it clear that the McFlurry is a ‘take-away’ dessert that people must purchase and scoot. And that’s because youngsters and families often spend hours doing time-pass at McDonald’s over a single Fanta, happily ignoring the long queues outside. And forgetting that McDonald’s is a ‘fast food’ joint. With ‘slow down’ as the message, I fear these guys will hang out over a McFlurry for hours together!


[youtube width=”400″ height=”250″][/youtube]
 Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5): 3. Good idea. Neat treatment.


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