Alt Del to conduct writing workshop

30 Nov,2011

By A Correspondent


Alt Del (The Delhi Alternative) is conducting a writing workshop, worDomination -make words obey you- on December 3 at the Alliance Francaise, New Delhi from 9 am to 12 pm. The workshop aims to help writers, aspiring, junior, upcoming, jaded, tired, et al.


Elaborating on the workshop, Prathap Suthan, who is the driving force behind Alt Del, said, “I plan to share a few ideas on how to get words listen to people. Or how to get the right words to express. This is not something that will transform people from dull writers to sparkling geniuses in three hours, but this something that will make them figure out, stumble on their own methods and ways of dealing with inspiration.


“I’ll be discussing effective ways that would impact them, and help them come out of the workshop better than ever. Writing is a process, and it’s a lifelong process, but if one is armed with mental tools and guidance systems to impel their talent, they could become more prolific. I believe that words ought to be subservient to writers, and writers need to be the masters of their words. Words cannot be disobedient little things that have a mind of their own. They need to heel, they need to pay obeisance, and they need implicitly listen to their writer. Hence, all the communication that’s gone out on the workshop has been created along the more contemporary theme of ‘domination’. The workshop is called ‘worDomination’- make words obey you.”


The workshop is one of the winter’s many ideas from Alt Del and is open to everyone in the communications industry and not just restricted to advertising professionals.

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