AdStrat: Tata Tea’s Soch Badlo

28 Nov,2011

The Campaign:  Tata Tea Soch Badlo campaign

The Client: Tata Global Beverages Ltd.

The Agency: Lowe Lintas

The Brief:  On 25th anniversary of Tata Tea, we wanted to salute our nation and the woman who bought Tata Tea. But as luck would have it, we found our nation in the midst of many corruption related controversies. Scams coming out in the open and people responsible for them being put behind bars were having an adverse impact on the psyche of the nation. The masses were beginning to feel very negative. Negativity turned to frustrations as people took to the streets. Frustrations soon turned into scorn and sarcasm.


Another one of our messages to fight corruption would just not have cut ice amidst this growing discontent. Yet another campaign crusading against corruption would get drowned in the already very shrill and negative sentiments around us. But it was our 25th anniversary. Something bold and new had to be done.


Therefore, the new installment of our long running Jaago Re campaign does not just aim at awakening the nation, but also stresses that we think positively even as the nation is embroiled in many corruption related scams. After all, what good could we Indians see in all the scams that were coming out in the open?


Any specific advisory from the client: Our previous Jaago Re campaigns had played their part in awakening the nation. The awakening was demonstrated by the open coverage and discussion on the various scams in the media and at an individual level. We knew that this open discussion was a good sign – the first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge that it exists. Instead of being swept under the carpet (as they had been so often in the past), issues were being discussed openly, and action was being taken against the guilty. However the man and woman on the street were simply overwhelmed by the number and scope of the scams, and focused on these instead of the bigger picture. We wanted to communicate that despite all the negativity caused by the scams, the impact they would have would be undeniably positive.


Research insights: Consumers know and believe that anything worthwhile takes time and effort (e.g., in micro level matters like education, health, etc.). They however needed a strong parallel to connect it to macro issues around them – only then would they see the bigger picture.


The thought process behind the creative: To focus on the cause (reduced tolerance towards lack of proper governance) and not the symptoms (increased coverage of scams in media and at an individual level)


Media vehicles chosen: TVC, Print, Digital


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: All this negativity needed to be reversed before it flowed deeper into our conscience. This was unconstructive and unflattering to a great nation like ours. This objective was squarely in the realms of our Jaago re campaign idea that had for long crusaded against corruption.

Secondly, we needed to strengthen our connection with the woman who buys into our brand. We needed to portray her as a mature sensible and wise protagonist who is able to lift the shroud of negativity in our nation and clearly see that there was some good in it for all us. In the middle of uproar, hers had to emerge as the voice of reason.

Thirdly, our nation’s aura had taken a bit of a beating. As a brand, we aimed at doing our bit at saluting the nation for all the other good things that were happening around us. Bruised as it was, we wanted to emphatically lend our moral support to our nation as it did battle against corruption.


Does the treatment do justice to the brief?  Yes it does


Differentiating factor: When tea wakes you up, Tata Tea awakens you.


Market and client feedback and follow-ups: Initial reactions are extremely encouraging in the 3 weeks since campaign launch.


Campaign credits

Creative: R Balki, Amer Jaleel, Anaam Mishra

Planning: Vikram Sathyanath, Gulshan Singh

Account Management: GV Krishnan, Aejaz Khan, Rajiv Chatterjee, Kunal Madhavdas, Mainak Bag

Production House: Chrome Pictures

Director: Amit Sharma

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