AdAsia: India gets Contagious

03 Nov,2011

By Our Correspondents


Neeraj Nayar, President, Contagious India on launching Contagious in India
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Neeraj Nayar on the revenue model for Contagious India
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Neeraj Nayar, President, Contagious India says he’s confident of the product he has to offer
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Contagious Communications, a complete intelligence resource, was officially launched in India on Day 2 of AdAsia 2011 in New Delhi. Neeraj Nayar, President of Contagious India, will oversee the India operations along with Will Sansom, Writer and Consultant for Contagious. As part of the launch, Contagious will bring in its much acclaimed Contagious magazine – seen as the Bible among many in the industry – and will also include in the portfolio an online feed, trend briefings and Consultancy and Special Reports.


Talking about the launch of Contagious in India, Mr Nayar said, “There is some great ideas coming out from India and I think its important to be here and closer to the market.” The magazine which is available only for subscription will cost around 1000 pounds for a year (the magazine comes out quarterly). The pricing does not deter its promoters as Sansom pointed that it’s a niche product and very high in its content quality. There are also different packages for those who are interested in getting the maximum out of Contagious.


Contagious was launched in 2004 to explore the relationship between brands and consumers, to predict the impact of new technologies and to make sense of the fragmenting media landscape. The magazine comes with a DVD showcasing over 100 pieces of creative work per issue.

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