7 reasons why the IMPACT 7th anniversary issue is unputdownable!

11 Nov,2011

By Pradyuman Maheshwari

Shocked and surprised that I am writing nice things about what is perceived as competition? The problem with the Indian media is that we are too full of ourselves and don’t like to say good or bad things about the tribe. Especially about our past employers 🙂

However, I had good fun putting together the fifth and sixth anniv issues of the magazine and I was happy to see the seventh anniversary issue getting better than the previous years.

#1 The anniv issue is a veritable ready reckoner of the industry, the people who make it and what’s happening in and around it.

#2 It’s a must-read for any newcomer to the business.

#3 The 7th anniv issue is bigger and thicker than the 6th. (aside: So will the 8th anniv issue have 400 pages?)

#4 The issue: Nice, cool design. Interesting lot of writers… beyond the biggies and the usual suspects. Good cover and great idea to crowdsource the design.

#5 Being the only standalone weekly magazine for the advertising, media and marketing business, IMPACT’s a must-read. Okay, I’ve not been reading the print edition in the recent past, and I access the PDFs online… but that’s good enough.

#6 Preeti ‘VGC’ Vyas’s design is as refreshing as it was unveiled last December.

#7 It’s the first test of a leader. Is your product as good as it was six months after you left it? I believe it is. And I am happy to see it’s in very good, safe and able hands of a publisher, editor, designer and a bright team. So when I update my LinkedIn profile, I can safely say that I was associated with the magazine for a bit. Wink, wink.

Greetings to the IMPACT team and all those who helped put it together. Thanks for ensuring that the flag continues to fly high.


MxMIndia editor-in-chief and CEO Pradyuman Maheshwari was until April 2011 group chief editor with the exchange4media group 

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