5 reasons why the Amul Butter Girl advertising is still relevant

09 Nov,2011

By Jayen  S Mehta

#1 It’s topical.  Amul advertising is a comment on any recent development that has happened. It captures the flavor of the current scenario and then moves on to next subject that is making news. Also our brand ambassador, the Butter girl continues to remain young thus managing to remain relevant to many.

#2 It’s not too intrusive. The advertising, while being topical, is not in-your-face.

#3 It’s funny. There is wit and humour in the lines, which brings an immediate connect. The pun is always clever. It’s advertising that doesn’t try too hard to be funny, so it is subtle yet humorous.

#4 It’s on time. The advertising is always on time, managing to capture what’s trending or the topic of conversation.

#5 It’s available across media. This advertising has gone beyond the hoardings and is available across media platforms to better engage with consumers.

Jayen S Mehta is the General Manager (Planning & Marketing), Gujarat Co-Operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.

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