5 indicators of when it’s time you should start looking for a new job

29 Nov,2011

By Jaisurya Das


1. Your boss smiles through the day… he probably found a new job!

Tough to ask him (or her) actually but in all probability the smile is an indicator of things to come. Either the company has just decided to make him the big boss or he decided to call it a day and found his dream job. Or may be it’s that Hawaii vacation at someone else’s expense.


2. Everyone is spending a lot of time chatting on their machines… the place just got too complacent!
It’s nice isn’t it when even the field force can actually enjoy the luxury of a nice office and the computers. Wonder how long the company will survive. May be a good idea to check if the leaders are playing too. It’s career time dude. Don’t play, work. If not here then elsewhere before your career disk needs a hard reboot.


3. Your customers give you a cup of tea and discuss the political climate… they don’t want to do business with you!
Good customers and relationships that you believe can bail you out on performance and suddenly you notice lengthy meetings have essentially covered everything from the telecom scam to the Anna Hazare campaign and even the diving stockmarket. Hey, weren’t you there to discuss work? Take the hint: business with you is a no-no now for them!


4. You believe you have learnt everything there is to the business… it’s about time you start meeting people sharper than you!
Increasingly popular knowledge syndrome as I call it and interestingly causing even the larger companies getting hit. Often this belief spreads like a virus too. Let me tell you from experience. Three decades living on media probably taught me just about the basics . One learns by the hour now, be it audience, brand or just competition!
Start talking to people around you.. You might just get a realistic view of what it takes to succeed….


5. You have the ‘just got my dream job’ smile even after a year of work… You just stopped working!

Ah ! Life is made isn’t it and your living on cloud nine thinking of your next holiday, the latest Tab and the evening cocktail and the swanky new lounge down the road. Have you realised that it’s also about time that you delivered on your targets and KRAs. Wonder if you still remember them or is it the delicately flavoured jamaican dark rum that just too prominence ?


And, yes, if you decide to move on, sit back and think of all your successes and failures in the last job. It may just become your best operations manual for a great career ahead. Best wishes.


Jaisurya Das is a veteran mediaperson and chief mentor and founder, Xanadu Consulting Group. A popular mentor and counsellor, he is Contributing Editor, MxMIndia, and guides readers at Dear MxM every week (see: http://www.mxmindia.com/dear-mxm)

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