AdStrat: Your dreams are not yours alone

24 Oct,2011

The campaign:

Your dreams are not yours alone


The client:

Union Bank of India


The agency:

Mudra West


The brief:

To refresh the promise of partnership made by the brand in its 2008 campaign of ‘Your dreams are not yours alone’, making it more credible and relatable for the consumer. The conversation begun three years ago had to be continued.


Considering the cluttered media space for banking and financial services, it was equally imperative that Union Bank of India had a compelling, clutter breaking campaign.


Any specific advisory from the client:

The previous campaign had gone a long way in putting Union Bank of India part of the young consumer’s world. The fresh, classy black and white execution had easily stood out among the monotonous category communication.


This campaign needed to outdo the previous one, and connect even more strongly with the youth


Research insights:

People don’t succeed in isolation. Behind every successful person are those that worked in the shadows to ensure his success.


Families and loved ones are equal partners in an individual’s success, working hard, giving them the much needed support and push to make dreams a reality.


The thought process behind the creative:

The idea was not just to take forward the philosophy of ‘your dreams are not yours alone’ but also make it larger than life.


It’s difficult for a regular banking ad that talks about empathy and relationships, and shows happy customers, to catch the consumer’s attention in today’s day and age. We needed a powerful narrative that would make the consumer sit up and take notice of the advertising.


Media vehicles chosen:

TV, Print, Outdoor, Digital, Radio and Cinema


Does the treatment justify the brief?

The treatment effectively delivers on the brief on all aspects. It seamlessly carries forward and adds greater credibility to the philosophy of ‘your dreams are not yours alone’.


The unusual use of celebrities effectively breaks clutter, while connecting with the younger generation of consumers.


What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad?

Celebrating the people BEHIND the celebrities.


The campaign speaks through one of the most powerful forces that connect with the youth – India’s youth icons. While examining the lives of iconic figures from the world of sports, Bollywood and the arts, the communication moves away from the typical use of a celebrity to promote a product.


Instead of using the celebrities themselves, the narrative showcases the person behind the celebrity who was instrumental in making them what they are.


Market and client feedback and follow-ups:

Extremely eye-catching creative, that fits in beautifully with the Bank’s philosophy. Will go a long way in making Union Bank of India known as a contemporary, relevant banking brand.


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