The Anchor: Vidya Heble picks 10 videos to watch when bored at work (or not)

04 Oct,2011



#1 12 Days of Christmas, Indian style: What, you haven’t seen Boymongoose yet? Watch, and listen. And don’t let your attention wander because there are quirky little details in the video that you’ll miss otherwise.


#2 If You Come Today: Kannada superstar Dr Rajkumar had an unlikely resurgence of fame with this clip from one of his films, now a viral hit popularized with some fine commentary by Time Out and impaled on yonder web to delight us.


#3 MTV Chaiboy: An old spirit-lifting favourite. The boy’s moves are infectious and the soundtrack only helps in spades.


#4 Sony Handycam: At first view this may be bugging because of the mess the kids create, but the nonsense ditty is indubitably catchy.



#5 Iron Eagle Nominee: “Let’s say you’re a defense-company marketing executive. And you want to make a splash at the Indian defense ministry’s annual air show. Do you: (a) buy expensive gifts for New Delhi’s generals; (b) treat the press to Kingfishers and samosas; (c) produce a Bollywood-esque video featuring bare-midriff girls, flower-draped missiles, and the catchphrase ‘dinga dinga dee’? Unfortunately for us, Israeli arms-maker Rafael chose C.” Nuff said. PS: It’s horrible.



#6 ‘The Force’ Volkswagen Commercial: Admit it, Darth Vader is there only to win over the grownups (who pay for the car). But the small boy’s acting – while entirely inside the eerie black costume, hence no cutesy facial expressions – is magnificent.



#7 Achmed the Dead Terrorist: Leave your sensibilities at the door. Jeff Dunham uses the skeletal suicide bomber to poke fun at everyone (including himself), and you will laugh.



#8 ‘Tera Husn Bahut Mujhe Bhaata Hai’Peugeot: Just for the end, which will have you rocking along with the triumphant guys who remodel an old beat-up jalopy into a Peugeot 206 lookalike.



#9 The Last Knit: Did someone say “obsessive compulsive”? Perversely fascinating, animated, and sans dialogue so you can share it with your international colleagues.



#10 In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones: Yes, you heard right. And yes, you’ll need more than a post-lunch slump to take this one in. For those who came in late – it’s Shahrukh Khan’s gangly-teenager phase, and please take a number for your initiation rite.

Vidya Heble is Deputy Editor at Mostly.

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