The Anchor: Shouvik Roy’s 6 pointers for a brand to change/refresh its corporate identity

17 Oct,2011

Three points pre-change/refresh

#1 ‘Change’ or ‘refresh’? Both are different worlds. Change is radical while refresh may not be. So, if it is ‘refresh’, then be clear about the parts that need to be refreshed; you may or may not want to fix what is not broken.

#2 Logo change is not the identity makeover – Logo is just one part of the visual identity – not the ‘change’. The first step is to articulate you corporate brand identity verbally. Use simple formats that are understood well and easily by all key custodians. Make sure you have defined the brand essence well and all key stakeholders agree. This will help evaluate the creative work that follows.

#3 Researching before rebranding is a good idea – you may think you know all the reasons why your existing corporate identity does not work. Prepare to be surprised by what others have to say. Even a small scale research among multiple stakeholders of your brands – customers, influencers, employees, partners etc – will give you a better handle on how and what should change.


Three points post-change/refresh

#1 Involve all your employees – they are your key brand evangelists and custodians of your brand. Before you proclaim change to the world outside – make sure everyone at ‘home’ is clear and excited about this. Do not start telling the world at large if your employees are still asking ‘what is this all about?’

#2 Implement it well across your brand portfolio – most relevant for corporates that have a complex architecture of co- and sub-brands. Make sure that the corporate identity refresh reflects well across your portfolio and the implementation is simultaneous. Often enough, this is where the focus is wanting. Everyone loves big-picture – this is the fine print.

#3 It is a good time to celebrate – get your teams, partners, supporters, influencers, customers in together and tell them why they should celebrate the change. Every new journey needs a starting gun, or there is never much zest to race to the milestones you’ve set.


Shouvik Roy is Director, Elephant, Delhi

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