The Anchor: Priti Nair on 8 plus points about being an entrepreneur

13 Oct,2011

#1 True and real happiness. There is a certain joy you get every day when you walk in see your place, your people.  It’s yours. Yours to nurture and grow. It’s a tremendous feeling. To see your partner who you know is so much the right person to have there with you. A kind of deep comfort of looking at the changes day in and day out. And you always think to yourself you spent so many years in the business to finally do this.


#2 You stay on your toes constantly. With the joy comes a humongous responsibility that rests on your shoulders. The responsibility of people who left what they had and joined you. The responsibility of clients who put their faith in you. To make sure you live up to that keeps you constantly on your toes. You take care of every little detail.


#3 You learn new skill sets. It’s amazing the number of new things you learn. Right from when you start forming the company. The laws the rules the paperwork. Then the get the place right. LAN connections, seating, tea, coffee supplies. Lighting. Then your people. To make them feel comfortable and treasured. Your clients, the way you approach the way you do things. You learn a lot that kind of enhances your life further.


#4 You have only yourself to applaud or blame. There is no system or management above you to blame. No black hole that you can throw your troubles or excuses at. It’s yours for making, breaking, taking and shaping. And it matures you as a human being.


#5 Even if you get messed it’s on your terms. There are frustrations and scrambles that happen like they happen anywhere. But it’s on your terms. What you have chosen. And you can deal with the scrambles much much better with that confidence sitting in your head.


#6 You have the right of refusal if principles don’t match. When principles, morals, integrities don’t match you have the right to say no and bow out. Because how you want to grow is up to you. What kind of partnerships you want to make happen is up to you. The philosophy of the place and people is up to you choose.


#7 You actually give proper quality time to brands and clients. Your interactions with clients are far closer and more intimate. They are almost one on one every time. You put extra effort in every client because they have put their faith into you despite your size, despite you being new. And for that there is a sense of eternal gratitude that stays in your heart so you give more and more of the best you’ve got.


#8 Fewer people, less lost in translations and agendas. You form your world of like-minded happy people. And the number of people are fewer. It’s more hands-on and transparent. Things don’t get lost in layers and layer of several people doing the same thing. And most importantly, effort does not get wasted amidst egos and unknown agendas.


Priti Nair is Founder, Curry Nation.

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