The Anchor: Anil K Sathiraju’s 8 reasons why Birthday Boy Big B is the most bankable TV star

11 Oct,2011

1. He is looked upto as an icon, an idol, a god-sent, a good Samaritan, a humble human being

2. He commands respect from a person who is probably 10 years or even 90 years… guess that’s what makes him such a great human being

3. He is probably the only actor in the country or probably in the world who commands extremely great respect that no other person does – to the extent
that you actually get goosebump when he says, “Main Amitabh Bachchan bol raha hoon Kaun Banega Crorepati se”

4. He is ‘the most safest actor’ any channel can bank upon – obviously therefore it translates into people viewing the program that he is hosting

5. He is a part of so many people’s lives – almost like a senior member of the family – there are millions of people who have grown seeing him, who
have idolized him, has so much of hero worship, who are probably living because of him

6. He becomes the character in whatever he does… that’s a great thing about him and I guess that’s why he is Big B

7. He has a sense of gratitude for people for making him big, for making him what he is today – it is because of the people that he is who he is. He says it so
genuinely everytime he talks to or listens to someone who says about him

8. Finally, he becomes a common man with the common man – Needless to say, this part of him is what makes him the Big B

Anilkumar Sathiraju is Associate VP and Head South, Mudra Max

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