The Anchor: 7 ways to keep a viewer glued to your channel

21 Oct,2011

By Sunder Aaron


#1 Assortment: A channel needs to offer a variety of content to viewers to keep them coming back.


#2 Thematic: It is important to be a part of local festivals and important historic days which makes the viewers feel closer to the channel – for example Diwali or Independence Day.


#3 Original: A viewer today is bombarded with numerous communications all the time – it is more important than ever create a clear differentiation amongst the category to enjoy top-of-mind status with the viewers.


#4 Young and fresh: Any viewer, young or middle-aged, would like to watch a film which excites him/ her. The best way to this is to keep the appearance of the channel vibrant and fresh.


#5 Beyond the television screen: Gone are the days when television channels just aired promos and hoped to keep viewers glued – the need of the hour is to create brand extension programs.


#6 Avoid repetition: Repetition could result into losing a fair amount of eyeballs since there is a sense of disappointment if the viewer has already watched the content.


#7 Surprise element: Surprise your viewer! Exceed your promise by delivering more than you promise.


Sunder Aaron is Business Head, PIX.

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