The Anchor: 6 mantras when starting your own agency

25 Oct,2011

By Shanawas K A and Karun Venugopal

#1 Client focus, innovation & transparency: In a world of clutter, making your communication work better is quite a challenge. If you focus on the right chord and develop it into the right strategy, it can work wonders. How differently you think and develop has been the key focus for us. A client-agency relationship is just like a doctor-patient relationship, If you diagnose the issue right, you can solve it in the right manner. If the patient doesn’t open up, the wrong solutions get parked.


#2 Business model: There are multiple ways to start a business set up. Be absolutely clear on the Dos and Don’ts in your business. Have clear demarcation. Build a corpus to expand and, most importantly, think long-term.


#3 Dedicated team/personalized service: Often, great presentations happen, promises are made, dreams are shown but the question is- are you able to fulfil them? Are you present and equally involved when some crucial decisions are taken? The values have to be embedded into your core team and have to flow till the last string. The team should have a belief and buy in to make a business successful. Also it is critical to have stakeholders involve in the business in the best possible manner.


#4 Option of suppliers/partners: Multiple clients have varied needs from time to time. Hence, it is critical to have choices and result-oriented suppliers and partners.


#5 Accountability: While being on your own, it also means that accountability is at its peak. Since you run it, you and your team are totally responsible and accountable. Unlike in a profession where someone else makes the mistake and a different person gets blamed. There is no scope for error here – if there is an error, you pay for it!


#6 Liability and risk: Take the right risk, be steady, be consistent. Don’t take on any liability unless you are ready for it. If you are here to stay, think long-term and choose the right resource, partner the right associates.


Most of all, the learning from being on your own is tremendous. There are newer areas into which you would not have ventured, which can be tapped. Its helps you as an Individual too, as it completes you as a true professional. Truly, the sky is the limit!


Shanawas K A and Karun Venugopal are Directors at ThoughtBox.

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