Suresh Selvaraj quits Outlook

17 Oct,2011

By Akash Raha

After a successful stint with the Outlook group, Mr Suresh Selvaraj, President, Outlook Group decides to put in his papers. Mr Selvaraj disclosed this information to MxM India on an email.

In an emotional message to MxMIndia, he said “In 1998 when I joined the group, I have added a prefix to my name Outlook. In 2006, I had added a surname, Marie Claire. Outlook has always been the pride and Marie Claire, the passion. It’s not easy for me to let go both. But as the Gita says, ‘what have we brought with us to this world to lose it?’ Both these magazines are part of my system and I have always felt a sense of ownership of these magazines – especially, Marie Claire – it is my baby. I am not naïve to believe that I am indispensable. Outlook Group is very strong with sufficient bench strength to face any situation.”

Giving a reason for his leaving the group he said “I strongly felt that I need to give it a pause after three decades in print media. And, more than that, there got to be peace.” He went on to say “Considering the excellent equation I have with each and every member of my team, it is a very difficult to part. But I reminded them about Jim Hendricks’ lyrics, ‘Memories don’t leave like people do. They always stay with you…’ – a colleague may leave, but the friend in him remains forever!”

However, Mr Selvaraj will be a part of the group till December 2011. Thereafter, he said “I will take a sabbatical for a few months and shall decide the course of my future. I look forward to the sabbatical as I could fulfill one or two of my long term dreams of biking in Srinagar-Leh Ladakh-Manali region, cycling in Munnar hills, exploring Borneo rainforests in Sabah region of Malaysia or a cruise in Venice-Greece-Spain route.”

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