Sudeep Narayan: A world of many hats

26 Oct,2011

Cold war; Combative; guerilla; carpet bombing; sniper – various battlefield strategies and tactics flare-up inside a marketers mind.

Marketing is neither for the coldhearted nor is it for the overconfident.

Will this design be accepted? Is this the latest in technology? Will our customers accept the price? What would be the customers expectation 5 years from now? Should we as a corporation look to ‘shift the paradigm’? For all these answers turn to the Marketing Head’s page. They will know. Image the expectation within the organisation and the expectation outside. Will the client see value in investing in this creative rendition? Swap the headline with thesub-head and increase the logo. The rest is approved.

There seems to be more questions in marketing than answers. This gives birth to the ‘idea of exploration’ birth to the Americas. One challenging fact however bears more significance to marketing – the everchanging landscape and the need for ‘Envisaging’. They who explore the unknown are ready with an app within the first week of the iPad launch.

A marketing professional needs to know everything. Period. Compelled to wear different hats

Professor Product hat – if you don’t have knowledge about your product, how would you know its different from others in the market.

Design Guru Stetson – every design has its virtues. Which one appeals to the brand values and the customers psychie. What is the ‘Natural-fit’. Some brands have suffered defeat in the marketplace for being congruent to the core values.

Doctor Economist Beret – brand valuation; supplychain; demand forecasting and the understanding of all the economies of scale

Shrink cap – another optional career for marketers is counselling. The daily challenges makes marketers understand psychology.

Moolah topi – even the finance experts of the company expect marketing execs to balance the sheet.


Nuff said. Marketing is a great place to be!


Sudeep Narayan is Marketing and PR Director, Volvo.

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