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07 Oct,2011

By A Correspondent

Disney Channel’s Emmy Award winning global hit series ‘Phineas and Ferb’, recently scaled another peak with a new TV movie inspired by the series. The movie made its debut on Sunday, September 25 on Disney Channel.

StreetSmart was given the mandate to plan and execute the OOH campaign to create the needed buzz and awareness for the television premiere. The campaign was executed in Mumbai and started on 14th Sep.

Disney Channel wanted to build a dominating visibility and high level of awareness for the upcoming movie telecast. To achieve this impact, it was important that the outdoor campaign was well planned and targeted the family and kids audience to achieve the desired impact and eyeballs.

To achieve this objective, Streetsmart meticulously planned the entire campaign roll out to ensure that the priority zones are well covered. The other important touch points across the city were also identified and impactful media vehicles were deployed to create the desired visibility.

A mix of large format billboards and backlit bus shelters were used for the campaign.

The strategy used by Streetsmart was to identify the top TG heavy zones in the city and create media corridors in these zones using a series of backlit bus shelters spaced at regular intervals coupled with core billboards at key touch points to create impact along with the reach. This ensured high level of visibility and OTS for the brand. It also optimized the campaign visibility, minimizing spillover in lesser priority areas.

The well designed layout and attractive visuals used in the creative multiplied the impact and noticibility of the campaign manifold. For the bus shelters, Streetsmart used a combination of three different visuals which highlighted the three main characters of the movie – Phineas, Ferb and Agent Perry. As the series is already popular amongst the TG, it was very easy for them to connect with the communication.

This campaign was a part of a 360 degree activity planned by Disney Channel for the premiere.

Mr Anirudha Pawar, Group Account Director, StreetSmart said: “Phineas and Ferb are extremely popular with kids and the movie with several viewership records globally was highly anticipated in India as well. OOH was an integral part of this launch and we were mandated to deliver a well planned campaign to convey the message across to the TG. Through well defined priority zones in the city we targeted key TG at regular intervals using media corridors and maintained TOM for the upcoming premiere. Gauging from the degree of response received for the campaign, I am sure our efforts paid off. Team Streetsmart thanks Disney Channel for keeping the faith in us. ”

This is the third campaign executed by Streetsmart for Disney Channel. Spiderman Live! and Shooting Stars were the two properties launched earlier by the agency. The innovation done by the agency for Spiderman Live! won a metal at the OAC 2011 Awards held this year.

“The campaign planned by Mudramax for the premiere of the Phineas and Ferb Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension was so well planned and executed that the exposure delivered seemed much greater than the outlays for a similar campaign. Once again team Mudramax has reinstated our faith in their OOH expertise and innovative solutions” added Mr Srikanth Sarathy – Director Marketing and Creative Services, Walt Disney Television India Pvt. Ltd.

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