IRS 2011Q2 | State Watch: Dailies

04 Oct,2011

By Ritu Midha

A quick look at data for top 10 dailies in a handful of states brings out a few interesting observations. Do write to us at with your own observations and insights.

Bihar: All the newspapers show a positive growth vis-a-vis the previous quarter. Even when compared with the same quarter previous year, all the publications show a good growth except I Next. Interestingly English dailies too have grown – and in case of Times of India, it has maintained the same level as the previous year same quarter.

Jharkhand: When it comes to its neighbour and a part of Bihar till recently it is quite a different story – six out of top 10 dailies show a negative growth – and it is across Hindi & English dailies.

UP: Just like Bihar, UP too has shown a growth in all the publications as compared to the previous year with the exception of DLA. Amar Ujala compact is growing the fastest with readership increasing to double in comparison to same quarter previous year.

Uttaranchal: Uttaranchal too shows growth in all the publications but one, when compared to the previous quarter. Interesting thing however is that Amar Ujala compact that shows the fastest growth figures in UP, here shows a drop of 61%, as compared to same quarter last year.

MP: If one compares data for Q2, 2011 with Q2, 2010, Nava Bharat (MP) and Raj Express are the only two publications that shows a fall. Another interesting factor here is that The Times of India is the only English publication in the top 10, unlike UP and Bihar where there is almost an equal number of Hindi and English Publications.


Chattisgarh: In case of Chattisgarh, there are three English dailies in the top 10, however all three show a negative growth when compared to the previous quarter. Though, in case of The Times of India, if compared with Q2, 2010, figures show a 27.3% growth.


Himachal Pradesh: Six out of top 10 dailies show a negative growth when compared with the same quarter in 2010. Amar Ujala, on the surface, seems to have gained at the cost of Punjab Kesai, while in case of The Hindustan Times, it is at the expense of The Times of India. A deeper analysis, perhaps, can throw more light on it.


Haryana: In case of Haryana, q2 2010 to Q2 2011, three publications show a downturn, but when it comes to Q1 2011 vs Q2, the downturn is seen in seven publications – all the three English papers in the top 10 show a percentage fall when compared to the previous quarter.


Punjab: In case of Punjab, only two publications of the top 10 have witnessed positive growth when compared to Q2, 2010 – These are Ajit and Dainik Bhaskar. However, if one compares Q2 2011 with Q1, 2011 even The Times of India and The Tribune show positive growth.


Maharashtra: In Maharashtra’s top 10 dailies, Times of India and its co-publication Mumbai Mirror are the only two English dailies. Market, as expected, is dominated by Marathi dailies. Deshonatti is the only daily that sees a double digit growth when compared to Q1, 2011 – however, that too shows a 17% fall when compared to Q2, 2010.


Gujarat: Gujarat too has just one English daily in its top 10 – The Times of India, and it shows good growth in both quarters. Other non Gujarati daily in the top 10 shows a growth of 83.9%, when compared to Q2, 2010.

To be continued…

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