AdStrat: Safe Drinking Water by Triton

10 Oct,2011

The Campaign:

AquaSure Kitanu Magnet

The Client: Eureka Forbes

The Agency: Triton

The Brief :

To launch AquaSure’s Kitanu Magnet which has 100 crore active sites that attract and remove bacteria, virus and cysts from water. Thus, making drinking water 100% safe without the use of any chemicals.


Any specific advisory from the client:

To launch AquaSure’s new breakthrough water purification technology that gives you ‘Safest Drinking Water’ unlike inaccurate claims of some of the other water purifiers currently available in the market, some of them even using harmful chemicals for purification. The AquaSure process works most effectively due to 100 crore active sites that attract and remove bacteria, virus and cysts from water, more so without the use of any chemicals.


Research insights:

“For my family’s health, there can be no compromises in the safety of drinking water, It has to the safest or nothing”

People are grudgingly aware that their cheaper & ineffective methods of water purification are grossly inadequate & (if known to them) are also acutely against the use of harmful chemicals for something that goes into their body.




The thought process behind the creative:

Renton D’Souza, National Director – Creative and Strategy, Triton Communications Pvt Ltd, said,” It’s the role & responsibility of the ‘Water purification leadership company in India’ to make people aware of what is truly safest water. It was imperative to introduce ‘AquaSure’s breakthrough technology’ in a manner that is relevant, simple to understand & persuasive for the sake of their family’s health. It was important to have an impactful everyday life analogy to serve as an eye opener & make consumers wake up to reality to initiate action”.


Media vehicles chosen:

TV, Print, Digital & POS


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

Bring out the technical excellence of the product that is not cold but relatable, is beneficial & empathizing while building on the emotional connect that the brand already enjoys with the consumer.Establish the promise of ‘100% Safe Water’ with the strong ‘Kitanu magnet’ led reason to believe.High quality graphics to depict devil-like harmful kitanus to shake consumers from their inertia.



Does the treatment does justice to the brief?

The treatment & execution is highly clutter breaking & impactful in media. Also the analogy is honest, relevant, simple & persuasive.



Market and client feedback and follow-ups (if any):

Highly effective balance of strategy & creative as well as rational & emotional connects that will change consumer perceptions and behavior.

Will work to give business results.





Company: Eureka Forbes Limited

Brand: AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet

Creative Agency: Triton Communications, Mumbai

National Director – Creative and Strategy : Renton D’Sousa

Creative Team :  Vinayak Pattar (Creative Director), Atul Purohit (Creative Director), Arun Balgopal (Art Director)

Account Management Team: Kim Solomon (Sr. Vice President), Chirag Tana (Client Services Director)

Media Agency: Triton Media

Production House: Milestone Films

Producer: Ajay Wasu

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  1. Ananda Puranik says:

    Interesting rendition…In lighter vein Police seldom catch… atleast in most Indian cities