RIP, Steve Jobs

07 Oct,2011

It was indeed a sad way to start a Dassera morning. I was alerted of the news from my Facebook dashboard. Only to be confirmed on the Apple site with the image of the man with the line that said it all: 1955-2011. I didn’t shed a tear, but I cried out to my wife that Jobs had passed. As if it was someone in my family.

I’ve not been a compulsive Apple user. I remember once hiring someone who said he would join me only if given a Macintosh to work on. However, when I bought a Galaxy Tab recently because of its compact size, I couldn’t get myself to the interface having used the cooler iPad for some months.

Steven Jobs has been described variously. Modern-day Edison, innovator, visionary etc. He was all of it, and more. In the past, there have been many who’ve called him arrogant, cunning, shrewd and aggressive. Guess they weren’t incorrect: the only difference is that when applied to Jobs, they were considered positive attributes.

-          Pradyuman Maheshwari

PS: Although we had announced that there would be no updates it being holiday for Dassera, we changed our ‘Big Story’ at around 6.30am. We invited our readers to share their sentiments on Steve Jobs at We received a few, but will carry all after compiling them all. As you move down this page, you will find a few Facebook status updates that came up on my page (apologies for reprinting without permission).


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@VenkatAnanth Insanely great. RT @dictionarycom Steve Jobs made this phrase so famous that it entered the dictionary a few years back: #iSad (

Some Facebook status messages:

Lynn de Souza: The true greatness of Mr Jobs will be revealed if he also managed to create many more young Steve Jobs to take on the mantle of spectacular innovation among all those who were lucky enough to work with and learn from him.

Sonal Dabral: Will be a good idea if all Apple lovers wore black polo neck and blue jeans tomorrow in memory of the great Steve Jobs.

Subhash Kamath: R.I.P. Steve Jobs. As a tribute, should we rename heaven as ‘icloud’?

Prathap Suthan: Without your Mac, my words wouldn’t have tumbled down. Thank you Steve for the gravity. RIP.

Pushkar Sane: too many ppl busy doing iCry, iSad, iDown… My tribute to Steve Jobs is through iWork, iThink, iTry, iDare, iLive, iLove. RIP Steve Jobs.

Rajawat K. Yatish: hail the rebels, the unconventional ones, who don’t imitate, hail to the genius who saw unfulfilled desires and filled them, here’s to man who never accepted the status quo, hail that man who lived better than anyone else during his times, hail the flow, which is no longer with us. Rest in Peace Jobs.

Vishakha Singh: Many get to live life on their own terms, very few die on their own terms…Ur style made even God adjust to your tunes… In 2005, you said death is Life’s change agent… To me, you were not reachable in life or in death… U will continue to inspire, as always. I will try to stay hungry, stay foolish!

Arcopol Chaudhuri: It’s only when I cried this morning on hearing the news of Steve Jobs’ death, that I realized how much this man has influenced me and my generation. They don’t make’em like him anymore. I doubt if they will. Rest in peace, you genius.

Rahul Kishore: 1: Heaven just got a little more sleek, well designed and profitable.Steve Jobs RIP. 2: Financial sector shocked at passing of Steve Jobs — mosty, the idea of a guy who got rich from actually creating something.

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