Red FM’s Malishka is RJ No 1 in in Mumbai!

17 Oct,2011

By A Correspondent


Radio Jockey Malishka is found to be Mumbai’s most popular RJ for the second year in a row, according to an Ormax Media study. The Red FM 93.5 RJ Network the most preferred radio station in India has an immense listener base in Mumbai. This is evident by a recent study conducted by media research firm Ormax Media that pronounced RJ Malishka as the most popular Radio Jockey in Mumbai for the second time in a row. Undoubtedly RED FM’s RJ Malishka is an unmatched talent in the radio industry!

The study by Ormax Media was conducted in the month of September amongst 600 radio listeners in Mumbai and Delhi in the age group of 15-44 yrs, SEC ABC. From across the radio stations in Mumbai, Red FM RJs Malishka, Mantra and Rishi Kapoor emerged as instant favorites amongst listeners!

Commenting on this much celebrated achievement, Nisha Narayanan, Senior VP Projects & Programming, RED FM 93.5 Network said, “Red FM’s leading Morning Show RJ – Malishka has been rated number one in Mumbai by Ormax Media for the second year in a row. This just proves that despite various researches that happen across mediums and the claims by respective radio stations of being number one, we still continue to win the best recognition and awards across categories and hence undoubtedly make us the most awarded radio station in the country.”

‘Morning No1’ with Malishka is designed to be exciting, energizing, stimulating, light-hearted and at the same time thought provoking, notes a Red FM communiqué.


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14 responses to “Red FM’s Malishka is RJ No 1 in in Mumbai!”

  1. rohit says:

    What is the authencity of this research

  2. anju says:

    i love u so much malishka…i just want to meet you before dying…..thats one of my wishes….pls be in mumbai only…never leave us and go any where..ove you so so much…so crazy about you…….

  3. don imran says:

    mallishka doing good job i like ur voice

  4. hii malishka your viose is very nice

  5. kruti davda says:

    malishka,rishi kapoor nasar is the best best inthe world radio

  6. Neelanchal Badtya says:

    jeeturaaj no1 hai them malishka 2no

  7. Mahatab Alam says:

    Hi, Malishka how are you passing your time as Mumbai’s No. R.J. and Nominated for International Event from India.

  8. Mahatab Alam says:

    Malishka is a No. 1 RJ of the Mumbai City.

  9. Gaurav says:

    Darati, bajaati, sabko kachha chabati…
    subah subah aake pura mumbai jagaati…
    aali aali aali malishka !!

  10. Gaurav says:

    Darati, bajaati, sabko kachha chabati…
    subah subah aake pura mumbai jagaati…
    aali aali aali malishka !!

  11. Sameer says:

    Darati, bajaati, sabko kachha chabati… aali aali aali malishka !!

  12. Abkulhs says:

    93.5 red fm is the best throught the world especially the rj Malishka,Rishi kapoor,Nasar,Rohini,Pritam,Kamla,and others.

    by Amala ,kharghar navi mumbai

  13. Bhoopesh4u says:

    Ali re malishka Morning number one pe…. superb