NDTV’s Indian of the Year awarded, in style

19 Oct,2011

By Rahul Kishore

It’s always nice to be a part of the annual NDTV Indian of the Year event and this year was no different.

Prannoy Roy and team ably led by Barkha Dutt were in their element and handled proceedings with aplomb. That they managed to get all the awardwinners barring Narayan Murthy was proof of their leadership position in the news domain.

Dr Roy started by a small speech which essentially targetted his own fraternity, the media.He said that the media should not be above the law and stricter rules needed to be framed to handle defamation. These laws should be framed by the judiciary and not the government.It did not find favour with his friends in media but he would still back it.

Now onto the awards. Dev Anand at 88 and Rahul Dravid at 35 were honoured with lifetime achievement. This was followed by the World Cup winning squad, save Harbhajan and Sachin. Dhoni spoke quite well. When Gavaskar was asked what was the essential difference between the team in 1983 and this one, he said his was better looking! Brought the house down.

The following award was presented to Pranab Mukherjee and this was followed by one to Nandan Nilenkani.The main award was ‘Indian of the Year’ and it predictably went to Anna Hazare.  Alok Kejriwal received it on his behalf as Anna was on a maun vrat. He answered questions by scribbling on a pad. The afternoon was not without its theatrics with Kejriwal doing a ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ as well as an ‘Inquilab Zindabad’.Quite dramatic!

What the crowd waits for is Bollywood and they were not disappointed.Shankar Ehsan Loy got an award as well as the team of Zindagi na milegi dobara. Shankar managed to sing as well.Farhan in fact was quite a sport and managed to shake a leg with Barkha Dutt.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. What were the shortcomings? Well no mention of a jury or selection process and somewhat not as glamorous as last year, but it was a classy event as only NDTV can do.On to next year…

Rahul Kishore is Senior Vice-President, Vivaki Exchange


Additional reporting by MxM India correspondent:

NDTV announced the much awaited ‘Indian of the Year Award 2011’ in a star studded ceremony held in Delhi. Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal were declared as NDTV Indian of The Year 2011 for their exceptional contribution towards the society in the past year.

Evergreen actor Dev Anand and Cricketer Rahul Dravid were honoured with Lifetime Achievement Awards. M.S. Dhoni received the Indian Heroes Award with several of his team mates.


Dr Prannoy Roy, Chaiman, NDTV in his opening address spoke about the eventful year gone by being a transformational year for the country. “The Indian media today is the most fearless around the world. As part of the media, we are proud to be country’s fourth pillar. I feel it’s imperative now to have strong and effective defamation laws in the country.” He also added “Media cannot be above the law.”

Arvind Kejriwal on being felicitated as the Indian of the Year 2011 said, “I would like to dedicate this award to Anna Hazare and people of this country since I believe that every Indian is truly an Indian of the Year.”

Anna Hazare also extended his gratitude by thanking NDTV on being awarded with the title of the Indian of the Year by writing a message on a paper. He wrote, “If the Government fails to pass the bill then I will be forced to launch the agitation movement again.”(Since Anna Hazare is currently on the ‘Maun Vrat’ in his village – the channel connected with him live through a videoconferencing).

Also, receiving the Lifetime Achievement award, Rahul Dravid said ‘I am grateful to NDTV for this honour. I would like to thank all my fans for their love and support.’

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