Markand Adhikari: It’s growth and growth

26 Oct,2011

Diwali is a special time for broadcast channels for they can tweak their programming towards catering to the festive moods of consumers, especially the news and entertainment channels. The festive season also brings in additional revenues in form of ad sales or sponsorships on key events and properties.  Media owners generally do get some benefit out of the festive season, where consumers are in the buying mode and when maximum sales happen during the year. We see categories like jewellery and consumer brands do a lot of advertising on TV.


This season, we’ve seen quite a lot of traction from advertisers. A very good year – one of the best I would say for the broadcast industry, if we consider the past four to five years.  We’ve come up with some really good programming for Mastii. And I’m sure a lot of other channels are doing their bit around Diwali.

Going forward, I think the broadcast industry will see growth and more. Next Diwali, as I see it, will be even better as far as business growth is concerned. Channel owners will up their ad rates. Subscription revenue will increase and once that begins to happen, on-air spots will be sold at a premium. That’s a big challenge, but I’m sure the industry is moving towards that, slowly but surely.

As far as competition is concerned, with increasing media fragmentation, I think that companies which are able to hold their ground for next three years, will reap maximum benefits, as the way I see it, next five years are going to be a golden period for the broadcast industry.


Markand Adhikari is Managing Director, Sri Adhikari Brothers

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  1. Gud forcasting. Next year picture may be gud

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