Magazines deserve more: Tarun Rai (with video)

14 Oct,2011

Story by Akash Raha and video by Shruti Pushkarna


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Mr Tarun Rai, CEO of Worldwide Media, recently donned the role of President of Association of Indian Magazines. In a conversation with MxM India, he spoke about the development and the role of AIM in the magazine industry.


Reacting to the development Mr Rai said, “It’s an honour… I have been a part of AIM for four years now, pretty much as soon as I joined the industry. For me it has been a fantastic experience. I come from advertising and I had no idea about the magazine business. Thanks to my membership of AIM, very quickly I was co-opted to the magazine industry. I have learnt a lot from my peers in AIM and I owe a lot to them.”


Mr Rai was earlier the Vice President of AIM and took over from Mr Pradeep Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, Cybermedia. He said, “Mr Pradeep Gupta the outgoing President, has had a terrific run in the last two years and as I take over from him I hope to continue the good job that AIM has done over the last two years. We are a small organization but I think we have learnt a lot to collaborate and make sure that we do things that are beneficial to the entire industry. Right now we are too small. We are just 3 percent of the total ad spends. We deserve more, but just by saying that we deserve more we are not going to get it. So we have to do things to convince the advertisers about the strength of our media. That is the reason we instituted the engagement survey and we are going to take it to its right conclusion by having a proper campaign around it and material which will convince the advertisers. That’s just one of the things. Generally speaking, the magazine industry can do with a higher profile.  So my attempt will be to raise the profile of the magazine industry by doing activities. One of the things it will do is to bring more talent to our business. The way our industry is growing we need a lot of people very fast. We need different kinds of people; with this digital opportunity that has come up we need different and varied kinds of young people to come to our business. By raising the profile of the industry we will also attract new talent to the business. That is going to be one of my important priorities.”


The AIM names were announced at the annual general meeting of the apex association of magazines, held soon after the proceedings of Day 1 of the World Magazine Congress concluded. The current office bearers are Mr Mitrajit Bhattacharya as Vice-President, Mr Rajmohan as General Secretary and Mr Paresh Nath as Treasurer. Mr Rai and his team will hold office until 2013.

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