Join the MxMIndia Monday Debate: Are our papers and channels scared of taking on Big Biz?

03 Oct,2011

The Monday News Debate @MxMIndia

The news media today is an exciting place – not just because of phenomenal growth but also because of all the questions that this growth throws up. The advent and massive expansion of television and now the explosion of the internet pose new challenges every day to traditional precepts and practices of journalism. The Radia tapes, the Murdoch revelations, the Anna Hazare movement all led to much discussion and even heat within and outside the media.

Keeping this in mind, MxMIndia announces a new feature – a series of debates (and discussions) on issues which affect, concern or threaten the news media. Some of these will be by invitation but we also invite our readers to participate by suggesting issues that need taking up and contributing to the debates.

We are starting out with the news media, but will in addition move to areas of marketing, advertising and the media later.

Here’s how it will go. Each month, we will tackle one issue. So October will be Big Business and the News Media.

It’s an old problem and one that never seems to go away: how does a media house reconcile between the principles of journalism and the need to make money? In today’s context of paid news and adspace-for-equity deals, is the media frightened to take on big business for fear of losing revenue? Are they not therefore, in the long run, depriving the reader of legitimate news which may well make a difference to their lives? We foresee an exciting discussion in the making. Did someone say slanging match?


If you have a view on Big Business and the New Media, email us at with the subject line BBNM. On every Monday in the month of October, we’ll carry your views as well as those of commentators whom we invite to write.


MxM News Debates will be coordinated by Ranjona Banerji, senior journalist and Contributing Editor, MxMIndia.

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One response to “Join the MxMIndia Monday Debate: Are our papers and channels scared of taking on Big Biz?”

  1. Subba says:

    Why not do the debate live Pradyuman? by delaying it, you only raise fears of moderation. We all know exactly where Big Business and Media stand today.They are like a bone and dog, with the media dog wanting the bone very badly.

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