Prathap Suthan: It’s great to be in the creative business

26 Oct,2011

By Prathap Suthan

I can be forever young. I can keep on vicariously living my teenage life, rewinding, recasting, redubbing, and capturing all that in different stories, in different media.

I can be anyone. I am hired to be schizophrenic.

I can be Captain Cook on a voyage across the Pacific. I can be an acid rocker tripping on psychedelic life. I can be Sobers playing T20 in Hawaii.

I can be passionate, energetic, moody, trendy, whacked out, sober, argumentative, flaky, sober, drunk, devious, intelligent, dull, unshaven, rude, and silent on occasions.

I can be a prism of complications, and a spectrum of vibrancy.

I can be in the middle of the Sahara, watching sharks ski down snow slopes, chasing long necked hippos, snacking on broccoli burgers and drinking pumpkin champagne.

I can be inventive, innovative or boringly conservative, with a Gothic skew.

I can create anything in my head, and it doesn’t have to respect gravity. Or consider the consequences of anything that Einstein theorized.

I can buck rules. I can duck rules. I can rewrite history. I can draw new geography.

I can borrow Spain. I can import Russia. I can buy Neptune. I can sell Pluto.

I can officially sit at home all day and brood over karma.

I can build space rockets. I can trash missiles. I can chomp nuclear bombs. I can burp oxygen. I can eat anything. I can drink everything.

I can do whatever inside my mind. I can be holy, or unholy. I can be a father, or mother, or son, or daughter, or cousin, or pet dog.

I can be a sofa, a couch, or a dining table with three legs.

I can get inside a goat’s stomach. I can talk to a pebble. I can discuss world economics with an earthworm. I can want cyanide.

I can fall in love. I can fall out of love. I can have four mouths, and 11 eyes. I can be articulate. I can be respectful. I can be middle class at 2.30 pm.

I can declare wars. I can start revolutions. I can explore everywhere. I can go ahead in time. I can go back into the past.

I can be sensible. I can be illogical. I can be commonplace. I can be exotic. I can find relevance. I can find meaning. I can be original. I can be fake.

I can be anywhere. I can travel on the back of a bumblebee. I can breathe nitrogen. I can barbecue a not so friendly barracuda underwater.

I can fly with an eagle, and pluck its feathers.

I can be Hitler. I can be your neighbour. I can be Pele. I can be Hannibal. I can be Cupid. I can be a cow with a hangover.

In fact, I can be what I want to be, and pretty much do what I want to do. I am only limited by my imagination, civility, and budgets.

Thank goodness for our business. And thank goodness I can have more fun tomorrow.


Prathap Suthan is Chief Creative Officer at iYogi.

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2 responses to “Prathap Suthan: It’s great to be in the creative business”

  1. this is called Beautiful writing. there is beauty in very thought n soo true and close to me. SIR tusi great ho tofu kabul karo. i loved it

  2. Sandipan Roy says:

    Pratap, what I love about your writing is that you are so spontaneous.You’ve very nicely conveyed the greatest incentive to be in the creative business.To start living our way.Articulating is all about the experience we gather…because to show the world a facade, we need to see it first because only an honest self-tried belief works better than an age old sermon.:)