Industry expectations from WMC2011

10 Oct,2011

By Akash Raha

As the World Magazine Congress gets underway today, the industry awaits lessons which will lessen the woes of magazine publishers in India. The topic of this year’s congress is ‘The 360° Opportunity’ and with the advent of digital, the publishers will be interested in sharing and gaining knowledge on how to monetize the digital space better and leverage the brand on multi-media platforms effectively. MxM India spoke to several members of the media industry to know what they are expecting from the congress and express their views on it.



Suresh Selvaraj, President, Outlook and Marie Claire.


“WMC kind of events should provide practical solutions to safeguard the magazine industry in its original avatar – i.e., the print version. Increasingly everyone suggests how digital could change the landscape and why one should invest in it etc. but what about the returns? Show me one website of a popular Indian magazine that makes equal amount of reach or turnover or the potential to do so in the next couple of years. When international magazines make a beeline to enter into India, how many Indian magazines venture into the neighboring countries, at least? Can Indian magazines use WMC to open the doors to the world – especially when we have some very successful titles and talent?”



Rasina Uberoi, Vice President, Media Transasia Thailand Ltd.


“At the World Magazine Congress we are looking forward to meet all our global partners. Although we meet them on a regular basis, WMC gives us a platform to meet everyone at the same time. We are looking forward to exchange of thoughts and ideas with our partners. However, my biggest expectation here is how we are going to monetize our digital business. Everybody has been talking about digital business and social media for a long time. And everybody is still toying with the idea. So I am keen to learn from WMC and from other publishers what a successful revenue model in digital is.”



Anant Nath, Director, Delhi Press and Managing Editor, The Caravan.


“My expectations from World Magazine Congress are the same as before – To re-establish and re-articulate the cause of magazines and help it stay relevant. Magazines have to grow in the right eco-systems in a multi-media framework, and be relevant for the various digital offshoots. I am eagerly looking forward to exchange of ideas and learning with our international counterparts. Since the congress, for the first time, is being held in India there is going to be a lot of participation from Indian publishers. The publishers will have a lot to learn from their international counterparts, who will share their learning and insights to what the future might hold for Indian publishers.”



R.Rajmohan, Publisher, Open Media Network Pvt. Ltd.


“WMC, held every two years, is a very significant conference for magazine publishers across the world. It is an achievement for AIM and Indian magazine publishers that India is the venue for WMC, this time. It also reflects the growing importance of India as a magazine publishing market. FIPP has brought together eminent panelists, making the congress a must-attend for magazine publishers. Opportunities magazine publishing offers in the digital ecosystem is tremendous and the conference will discuss this and far more, which will be a great learning experience. I look forward to meeting fellow publishers from all over the world and to the exchange of ideas and thoughts.”



Sandeep Khosla, CEO, Infomedia18.


“Since World Magazine Congress is an international event and several international publishers are coming from around the world, we are looking forward to interacting with them. There is a lot happening internationally and there are some new vehicles which we can possibly tie up and bring to India. Apart from that we are looking forward to understand, as to how publishers co-exist with technology too. We want to understand what various publishers are going to do with ipads and android platforms and how will we co-exist with them… what sort of a revenue model is one looking are looking at to remain relevant. We will be looking forward to understand that in the light of dropping readership, a sort of recession that we are seeing, how do we survive and make profits.”



Riyad Mathews, Senior Assistant Editor and Chief General Manager, Malayala Manorama, Malayala Manorama


“Well, it’s not often that you can get all leading publishing houses under one roof. The World Magazine Congress gives us all an opportunity to interact, meet and discuss issues facing the magazine industry and it also gives us business opportunities.”

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