Yes, the French do have designs on India!

18 Oct,2011

Students and guests at the formal unveiling of ecole intuit.lab last week



By Shubhangi Mehta

École intuit.lab is a design and visual communication French school cofounded in 2001 by Patrick Félices along with Clément Derock and Frederic Lalande.

The aim of the school has been to produce high quality professionals whose profiles meet the specific needs of the graphic design and visual communication sectors in India, France and across the world. With the newly begun school in India, the syllabus has been especially skewed to meet the professional demands of the visual communications industry in India and to tap the potential that design holds in the country.

The average fee across various courses is 3.5 lakh annually. The institute will provide the students with high class faculty,French graphic designers which will provide the students an edge over others.

Mr Ravi Deshpande, co-founder, école intuit lab, India,said, “Over the last few years we have seen a massive talent dearth. I thought of being a part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem. The school has been established to cater to and encourage talented students.”

École intuit.lab through its students have built solid relationships with over 800 companies in France and other countries.

The setting up of top French design school, école intuit.lab in Mumbai is a step in the direction of the marked improvement that is required in the field of education related to graphic design, art and advertising.

Mr Rajesh Kejriwal, founder, CEO, KYOORIUS, said, “India really needs such design institutes; the China government is planning to open 500 design institutions across the country, Indian government should also  try and do something similar as the existing and upcoming institutes are expensive and not everyone can afford them. Hence a lot of talent will still be left behind without opportunities.”

Ms Preeti Vyas, Chairwoman, VGC, mentioned, “These institutes are extremely important. If we put 20 more such institutes in our country, it will still be a lesser number. The courses are expensive but the kind of inputs, technology and faculty that goes into such institutes, it is impossible to have a low cost institute for such courses until and unless it’s a government funded institute.”

École intuit.lab has achieved success by incorporating professional exposure in the academic curriculum – a much needed position that has been so far vacant, in the design and art education milieu in India.

École intuit.lab through its students have built solid relationships with over 800 companies in France and other countries. école intuit.lab’s excellent success rate in finding work placements for its students makes it a real standard setter in vocational training for the visual communications sector.

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