Digitisation ups mood at trade show

17 Oct,2011

By Insiyah Rangwala

The announcement of the new regulation enabling the rollout of digital addressable systems in the country, upped the mood at the Satellite and Cable TV Trade Show last week. Organised by the Satellite & Cable TV magazine, the show, now in its 20th year, SCaT saw the attendance of over 15,000 people from the industry and networks.


Mr Dinyar Contractor, Editor and Executive Publisher of Satellite & Cable TV, said the response to SCaT has been overwhelming. With hardware prices having fallen from three years ago at 100 channels being Rs 1 crore to last year’s Rs 60 lakh and this year’s 200 channels at Rs 27 lakh, this has positively affected the mid size networks, as digital is now no longer inaccessible to them. The critical new element at SCaT has been the discussions of pricing and buying.


The technologies showcased at SCaT this year were the digital set-top box, MPEG2 and MPEG4 along with emergence HD channels. Mr Dharmesh Gandhi, Product Marketing Manager at NDS, said their key aspect was content protection and providing the middle ware for pay TV. They were showcasing new features such as the search option and targeted advertising. It helps a user with browsing and discovering more related content.


Mr Vikram Nagda, Marketing and Operations Head, Channel Masters, stated that they feel very positively about the digitization of cable TV in India as it has enabled the internet to become an even larger commodity. Mr Saravanan Narayanasamy, Chief Technical Engineer, Indian CAT from Pace, said that with or without the government digital is picking up as it can be seen at SCaT with the tremendous turnout from newcomers.


Mr Manoj Thakur Deputy General Manager, Catvision, said that even though currently digital in India is big only in the metros it is increasingly broadening its reach.


According to Mr Contractor, the mood in the trade is so buoyant that most operators have reconfirmed their presence in a bigger way for next year with stalls being pre-sold.


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