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10 Oct,2011



By Akash Raha

Delhi is all set to host two mega international events back to back – The World Magazine Congress and AdAsia. It almost seems like Delhi has become the new hub to host such grand events, perhaps taking over the role from Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Nevertheless, the upcoming month assures to be grand and promising for Delhi, which is bound to receive a lot of attention with several international business honchos from the media and advertising industry attending the two events.

Speaking about the two events in a recent conversation with MxM India Ashish Bagga, CEO, India Today Group said “The World Magazine Congress is in early October followed by the Adasia; it is a big month and there is a lot of activity around both these conferences. The learning is amazing; the energy levels are very high. We are all very excited and we hope to pull off two very successful broad format events. And we are all looking forward to it.”

Talking about the two events scheduled to take place in Delhi Prathap Suthan, Chief Creative Officer/Chief Explorer, iYogi, said “Well, the expectations from WMC is not much as it’s an era of digital. The only time a person reads a magazine these days is when travelling in a plane. I do love print but it is no more reasonable these days to subscribe for it or carry it along. When it comes to Adasia, yes, I will be going for it with a couple of my agency people. We are expecting to hear the best of experts on ‘uncertainty is the new certainty’ as in my opinion the world has always been uncertain hence nothing can be regarded as certain, Steve Jobs death was not certain, anything that happens to anyone is never certain.”



Thereafter, Mr Suthan went on to praise the city of Delhi and said. “As far as having the events in Delhi is concerned, Delhi has a better infrastructure, better airport and better accommodation facility than Mumbai. In addition to this, every industry person makes a weekly Delhi visit. The only thing that Delhi doesn’t have is a sea but that is compensated with the nearness to mountains and desert. Hence Delhi is the perfect place to have such events.”

In the two events several international deals and business transactions are also likely to happen. And that they are happening in Delhi is only good for the city. In the future too, it shall entice and lend confidence to the media, marketing and advertising fraternity to organize such events in Delhi.

Talking about the two cities Mr Arvind Sharma, Chairman of India Sub-Continent, Leo Burnett said “Adasia is a major event happening for the advertising fraternity, it will bring a lot of great advertising minds under one roof. I’m hoping it will be a great event and I’m really looking forward to it.   I have been saying this for a very long time that the advertising industry in Delhi is growing double the rate than the Mumbai ad industry growth. Hence, it is the perfect venue for such a big advertising event.”

But is Delhi’s gain Mumbai’s loss? This, only time will tell… But for the moment, it is time for the industry in Delhi to indulge in fun and frolic, amidst few of the biggest names of our industry as the city hosts World Magazine Congress and Adasia.


Photograph: Fotocorp

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