Anil Thakraney’s Hard Knocks: The Bitch Boss

05 Oct,2011

This completely ridiculous reality show is now in its fifth season. Five, five, five, five… as the hosts Sallu and Sanju very irritatingly croon. Therefore how much ever many of us loathe Bigg Boss and its floozy contestants, we have to grudgingly admit the format works. It’s also worked in the western nations, where the show is called Big Brother.


The serial is totally dumb in its content, and that’s by design. Because it is targeted at the low-brow viewers, and there are plenty such in every nation. People who look for cheap laughs after a hard day’s work, and particularly enjoy it when the contestants slam and abuse each other. Which is why the channel and its producer only pick people with shady backgrounds and aggressive demeanour…. even retards will do… as they are most likely to clash with each other. In fact, even to be offered a part in Bigg Boss is tantamount to a grave insult.


It’s very tempting for me to trash Bigg Boss five, five, five, five, five. It’s a sitting duck for ridicule. Examine the fantastic star cast: Twelve dumb chicks, one transvestite and one confirmed sex pest. And two hosts, both of whom face criminal charges in assorted cases. And that’s just the start.


But I have decided to hold my fire, grab some beers and catch the demented action whenever I can. Because the hard truth is this: There’s a big market out there for this sort of crap. And you can’t argue with business and TRPs beyond a point.


Ganda hai par dhandha hai, as it’s often said.




PS: Found this image floating on the net. A good example of how valuable readers are to the publishers of the TOI. And the irony is that just a few days back the newspaper was gloating over its rising readership!


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3 responses to “Anil Thakraney’s Hard Knocks: The Bitch Boss”

  1. Salil Khetani says:

    I believe porn is more dignified than Bigg Boss – this is a blogpost I wrote a year ago –

  2. Anil Thakraney says:

    Shilpa: Bang on!

  3. Shilpa Raheja says:

    I totally agree about ur views on Big boss…. i have similar views on most reality shows esp the swayamvar types etc. i always thot big boss can be only watched by brain dead people cos it challenges anyone’s intelligence but i dunno if i shud be shocked , surprised or ashamed that many friends watch it and if they miss it they even record it on tata sky ……. i really dont mean to belittle anyones taste but BIG bosss .. pullleeeaaaseee!

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