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03 Oct,2011

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The campaign:

Survive the World


The client:

American Tourister


The agency:

Contract Advertising


The brief:

Created in the rough territory of Jodhpur, ‘Survive the World’ captures a roller coaster ride. Conceptualized by Ravi Deshpande, the new brand campaign depicts the regular travel woes in a typical congested city anywhere in the world.


The film showcases a tourist, who is caught in a traffic frenzy on the way to the airport. With his trusted 4-wheeler American Tourister luggage in tow, the tourist sets off on an enthralling escapade across the city to reach his destination in time.


Any specific advisory from the client:

The specifics given by the client to the agency was to focus on the ‘four wheel’ feature of the brand and create a creative revolving around the same


Research insights:

The agency already had an idea which came from the success of ‘Survive Mumbai’ and ‘Survive Istanbul’. The idea was to take that a step ahead and hence the creation of ‘survive the world’ took place. The main focus of the sagency was to tell a story based on  this particular theme.


Media vehicles:

The main media focus was extensive television and cinema coverage, and some OOH innovations.

Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

In the words of Ravi Deshpande, Chairman and Chief Creative Director, Contract Advertising: “The most pertinent question before us was, how do we make sure that the emphasis is on the product while we also tell an entertaining story to the consumers? The second issue was to look into the safety aspect of the person on roller skates in a place like Jodhpur, which was ultimately managed well.”


The differentiating factor about the ad:

The differentiating factor (as per the agency) about the campaign is that it is unlike other campaigns of similar products, it’s a seamless journey told in a span of 60 seconds. Other than this, the ‘Survive the World’ campaign is being innovatively marketed with it being  released as a music video on television on September 24 following a release in cinemas nationally in the second week of October.


Market and client feedback and follow-ups:

Ravi Deshpande: “The client is extremely happy with the final product and we have received amazing feedback from them.”



Music: Ashutosh Phatak

Creative team: Ravi Deshpande, Malobi Dasgupta

National Creative Director: Ravi Deshpande

Production House: Far Commercials

Director: Jeff Balameyer

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