Visual impact: Kyoorius DesignYatra 2011 draws to a close

13 Sep,2011

By A Correspondent


There is design in everything. So two days for discussing design may seem like too little, but the seventh edition of Kyoorius DesignYatra packed a good deal into those 48 hours.


The design, branding and visual communications conference featured workshops, sessions and an exclusive documentary screening of a short film, produced by Kyoorius and directed by award-winning web designer and documentary director Mr Hillman Curtis featuring an interview with Mr Massimo Vignelli by Ms Debbie Millman.


Day One saw the conference begin with an opening by Mr Michael Johnson, founder, johnson banks. Anomaly London’s creative director Mr Nathan Cooper was next, and he spoke about the different ways in which his agency approaches the issue of compensation models.


Independent publisher and design commentator Mr Adrian Shaughnessy spoke about his own personal journey from being a graphic designer to becoming an independent publisher, and explained how the internet had enabled him to bypass the traditional publishing model and turn into an independent publisher. Typeradio’s Donald and Liza explained what their radio show is all about.


Ms Irma Boom showcased some of her most legendary work at the session and had the audience warming up to her passionate hour-long talk about her work and her convictions.


Mr Jeroen van erp spoke about the relationship between the designer, the concept developer, the strategist and the entrepreneur and how they can impact each other’s work.


Mr Sandeep Khosla and Ms Tania Singh Khosla showed how the duo collaborates as an architect-graphic designer team.


Troika’s Ms Eva Rucki and Ms Connie Freyer explained the creative process behind some of their best work, which combined installations, exhibition and technology.


The day ended with a screening of a special documentary Design is One- The Vignellis, featuring the life and times of Lella and Massimo Vignelli.


Day two began with the Young Blood session featuring Ms Novi Rahman and Raw Color.


Perfect Fools Mr Mark Chalmers’s talk was about how technology could be a great enabler for some brilliant creative ideas.


This was followed by a digital panel discussion which questioned whether or not in the age of social media, there was a place for craft. The panel was moderated by Mr Max Hegerman, president, Tribal DDB India and consisted of Anomaly’s Mr Nathan Cooper and Mr Chalmers.

Mr Peter Higgins drew from his experience of designing interactive spaces and walked the audience through his body of work.


The Brand panel discussion focused on the conflict between design and branding and was chaired by Landor’s country head Ms Lulu Raghavan and the panel included Saffron Consultant’s Mr Bill Darling, Landor Dubai’s Mr Bengt Eriksson and johnson bank’s Mr Michael Johnson.


Mr Hermann Vaske showcased some of his work and asked the audience to write on the sheet of paper provided to them on why they were creative.


This was followed by the short film screening. Devilfish’s Mr Richard Holman followed next and spoke about the things that are important to him in his work, and the simple rules that have helped him internalize that in his work.


Said Mr Rajesh Kejriwal, founder, Kyoorius, DesignYatra has served as a valuable meeting point for agencies from India and abroad in the sphere of design, branding and visual communications. It has been an opportunity to understand and learn from some of the finest minds in the field, delve into their creative process and be inspired by their work.

Added Ms Bindu Nair Maitra, editor, Kyoorius Design magazine,This year, we embarked on a special initiative, which we plan to sustain the whole year. It’s our Tumblr blog, Road to DesignYatra, conceptualized by Dutch agency Addikt, where we plan to document all the special memories and images from previous editions of DesignYatra and build an online conversation about how the ways in which the conference has influenced professionals, students and speakers alike.


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