The spirit of Mediaah! lives on

07 Sep,2011

Hoshiyaar, Khabardaar! Mediaah! cyberspace mein waapis aa gaya hai!The blog is rechristened Mediaah! s3. s3 being short for Season 3, thisbeing the third coming for Mediaah!


After six years of self-imposed exile, Mediaah! returns. In line with the current media order, it’s going to be called Mediaah! s3. s3 being short for Season 3… this being the third coming for the blog. Trittiya, as Amitabh Bachchan would call it.

And, yes, Mediaah! has a new home @ the all-new homebase for mediapersons and marketers:

Wish me luck. Its my third attempt at being brutal and honest. But like I read Sunil Gavaskar say somewhere that his words may have softened with time, I guess I too may have mellowed in these last few years.

Plus this time around, Mediaah! is going to be part of a website that I run along with a committed team and friends.


Fastforwarded Flashback


But first some flashback to what really got me off cyberspace and what I’ve been doing all these years. One fine morning, in the middle of the night, on a fine, warm day in the year 2005, I was subject to legal missives from the most powerful newspaper group in the land. My sources in the group’s office told me that the orders were to nail me. There were several friends from India and elsewhere in the world who were willing to fight my case. I tried reviving Mediaah!, but the top legal eagles in the country advised me to be careful. So I depressed the Pause button, and continued with my full-time employment.

Cut to 2008, where I chucked my job with a leading mainstream media player. I wanted to start an MxM-like site, but I switched to consulting with a college buddy turned journalist and entrepreneur who would run I was there for just a few months and hopped on to Upset with the switch, the buddy even sent my new employers a legal notice.

I had a fun stint with and impact. It’s run by an enthusiastic trio, and a team that’s pretty committed. Little wonder that it’s doing so well. But there were issues which got me to move on.

It wasn’t easy quitting a cushy job. I felt awful that my family was paying for my principles. But then it’s a great feeling to be able to be able to sleep easy with a clear conscience.


My concerns for Mediaah! s3

I am not sure if it’s going to be smooth sailing for Season 3 of Mediaah! In fact, I am worried whether I would be able to be as no-holds-barred as I would in the previous seasons. This is because the very people I write about are the folks who will advertise on MxM India. It’ll be a tightrope walk, and I hope to be able to maintain the balance.


The masala

Okay, okay, I know what you want to know from Mediaah!. What do we feel about G Krishnan’s exit from TV Today. And where’s he going? Are the rumours of his joining ABP or Fox true? What’s the buzz at Bloomberg UTV? Is a former newspaper CEO taking the top job there? What’s our view on the new-look Mid-Day? Can the new look help the paper regain old glory?

Read all this and more in Mediaah! as we go along. We’ll be back next week. Tab tak ke liye, alvidaah!

Buzz me if you have a story to tell. Confidentiality assured. There are various ways you can reach me:

pradyumanm[at], 23050B5D,, @pmahesh, 98338 76278.



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6 responses to “The spirit of Mediaah! lives on”

  1. Ssudas says:

    congrats – i remember those days when we would eagerly wait for mediaah on our emails! even after having read the morning papers — mediaah was the spice of our lives then! Congrats Pradyuman!

  2. Natty says:

    Good luck, Prads. You need to have a Facebook page as well.


  3. Sanjiv Kataria says:

    All the very best in the new Entrepreneurial world of e-Journalism.

    The Entrepreneurial spirit you imbibed from the Indian IT industry in 90s and your chronicles of IT world am sure will drive you faster, stronger and much much longer.

    More power to you and the MxM team!

    Sanjiv Kataria

  4. Rakesh says:

    All d best Prady…..wish u success as never before….am confident u will make it big in the third attempt….
    rakesh khar

  5. Hemant says:

    Congrats and Good Luck!! Hemant

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