The Anchor: Sneha Iype recalls 8 memorable characters on Indian television

22 Sep,2011



#1 “Hein hein hein … hein hein hein…” Remember the head-bobbing rabbit from the Lijjat Papad commercial of yesteryear? That had to be the most memorable of the lot for me.

The jingle got under one’s skin and in those days on television there was no escaping the ingratiating opening laugh of the rabbit with the papad.

The rabbit and the jingle obviously catapulted sales and recall hugely for this amazing Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad cooperative movement in its initial years, today a big marketing movement story by itself.


#2 “Surf ki kharidaari mein hi samajhdaari hai…” Lalitaji is probably the most iconic symbol of Indian advertising. She stood for the discerning middle-class woman who made smart decisions for her home and boldly presented her case. Unforgettable.


#3 “Doodh ki safedi Nirma se aaye…” The girl in white swaying to the ultimate melodious jingle was such a success that even after all these years the client can’t seem to let go of the tune in any of their communication. It’s obviously their trademark. Nirma was synonymous with the happy, hummable jingle.


#4 “I love you Rasna…” Rasna came up with an idea of showing the mother-child relationship through their product. This gave birth to the very famous commercial featuring the Rasna Girl (Ankita Zaveri). The ad was revolutionary in more than one sense. Not only did it position Rasna as a family product, but also introduced the tagline “I Love You Rasna”, which became immensely popular among the masses. Rasna kept this tagline for many years to come.


#5 “La la la la, la la la la la…” Sing it aloud. It’s truly refreshing.

Yes, that’s what Liril did in 1985. It broke out of the sari and put model Karen Lunel in a swimsuit under a waterfall, creating history for the brand and for Indian advertising. Another case where the brand was synonymous with freshness and lime because of its pathbreaking visual and music.


#6 “Jab main chhota ladka tha, badi sharaarat karta tha, meri chori pakdi jaati…” Roshni ki duniya ka sartaj Bajaj. A most endearing film and a truly enjoyable one too. I can still watch it and enjoy it.


#7 A boy and his dog. They were an icon for the “wherever you go our network follows” line. Vodafone , in those days “Hutch”, launched with this amazingly simple campaign and showed no phone in a commercial that communicated network. A big hit.


#8 The Zoozoos were the IPL season 1 superstars. They stood for innovation and a great media tool with the release of one ad a day through the IPL series. They blew the minds of millions, giving Vodafone a huge edge in the advertising of their value added services. Very fresh and very cool too.


Sneha Iype is Executive Producer, Nirvana Films

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    But I think we missed here some of the legendary like Fevicol-Pakere Raho,Bajaj-Hamara Bajaj rest really memorable …..
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