The anchor: Shailendra Katyal on 5 ways to never get your media plan wrong

13 Sep,2011

#1 Adherence and application of past learning in developing an effective plan

To get your future campaigns right, one has to learn from past campaigns. Your past experience to a large extent encapsulates elements that worked, helped the company achieve growth and let the brand establish its prominence over the competition. So, think about the future but don’t forget the past, because there may be valuable insights you can draw from previous successes and failures.


#2 Consumer-centric rather than media-centric planning

There is a tendency to ride with the popular and that is true in life too. Word of caution here, the flavour of the season just might not be meant for you. Even while drawing up the media plan, one has to understand the target group and the objective of the campaign. A media vehicle could be popular but may not address the need of your company, and brand and you will just end up wasting your money. Hence, target right with the specific tool.


#3 Differentiate between short-term vs long-term campaign objectives

There has to be a clear vision on the short-term and long-term objectives from a campaign. The short-term objective could vary from driving a festive promotion, to increasing footfalls at the shopfront. Long-term objectives could be to build brand awareness, connect with the TG, create customer loyalty and have a competitive edge. The long-term objectives cannot be clubbed with the short-term ones, which leads to losing focus and frustration at not achieving goals in a short span of time which was not possible at all in the first place.


#4 Frequent monitoring of the plan and course correction

The strategy should never be to chart a plan and then just adhere to it. This discounts the dynamic nature of the market. Constant tracking ensures that you can accommodate market changes, for example competition activity, media events affecting mid-level deliveries, etc. Periodic tweaking ensures that you are on track and gives serious thought to the brand map that one has created.

#5 Make digital an integral part of the marketing plan. Only if digital is an integral part of your marketing plan, will it feature in your media plan

The irony is that digital media is an after-thought and not a part of the media plan for many companies. Unless serious thought is given to digital, this medium, even though seen as a potent vehicle to reach its target group, will just be all talk and not yield anything tangible. To see results, adopt digital in its entirety and make it part of the media plan as one does for any other vehicle be it television, print or the other so-called conventional mediums.


Shailendra Katyal is Director-Marketing, Lenovo India

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