The Anchor: Satbir Singh on 7 reasons advtg is a serious business that allows much fun

29 Sep,2011

#1 Planning communication strategy requires serious thinking. Being entrusted with planning a communication strategy for a brand is no easy task and requires meticulous planning and perfect execution.

#2 Creating campaigns requires seriously long hours and weekends in the office. Zeroing on the right idea and taking it to its final step takes time.

#3 Executing ideas and shooting films amongst others requires travel sans any sightseeing. It might seem glamorous that one gets to travel to various exotic locations while shooting an ad, but the truth is that it’s all work and hardly any play.

#4 On the other hand, working on different brands and different briefs on the same brands means no monotony.

#5 It is a profession of very young people. The atmosphere is always exciting and never dull. The industry is full of youngsters who are brimming with fresh ideas and it’s always a learning experience to work with young people who often open up a new line of thinking.

#6 For those who find it a draw, you could be working with top cricketers and Bollywood celebrities. Now that could be a perk of working with an advertising industry.

#7 Seeing work that you’ve created on TV and around you is a massive pleasure. It is a deeply satisfying experience to see the idea that one has been working on finally taking shape and then reaching fruition.


Satbir Singh is Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer, EuroRSCG India

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One response to “The Anchor: Satbir Singh on 7 reasons advtg is a serious business that allows much fun”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Satbir! #1 #2 and #3 are some realities which many young entrants take time to accept and adopt; while #7 is the reason why they pursue this career today!

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