The Anchor: Rajan Narayan on 6 ways ad agencies can maximize revenues

30 Sep,2011

#1 Explore markets beyond the current six metros in India.

#2 Focus on emerging sectors such as service industries, online companies.

# The era of partnership and long-term is dead with clients. Therefore, charge on assignment basis and earn for work rather than work first for free and earn after the release of the ad.

#4 Move from brand building to the brand popularity model where revenue is earned for the buzz created around the brand across media.

#5 Overhaul the account planning functions. They need to be re-trained and presented as ‘Marketing Service’ and offered to clients only for a fee. The service provides a holistic marketing solution with hard sales targets and commensurate fees.

#6 Have a flexible agency structure which works with freelancers and collaborates / provides service to other agencies for a fee. This ensures that employee costs are not high and every employee is productively utilized.


Rajan Narayan is President, Quadrant Communications

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