The anchor: Manish Bhatt on 8 things an agency does to keep the client in its pocket

13 Sep,2011


#1 Convince the client that an agency is not just an intellectual advisory but a partner in the company’s growth

The agency must be seen as a partner in achieving the company’s ROIs which may not necessarily be only in figures. Our role should not be restricted to that of being an advisory but should be seen as a stakeholder whose interest is in the growth of its client’s company.

#2 Size does not matter; it’s the solution offered that matters

An agency should not be seen as an ATL or BTL or any such term that is the stereotypical description. What matters is understanding the need of the client and offering the best solution to address his needs.

#3 Show results on his brand

It’s all talk unless you show results on the brand that you are working on for the client. One can start a relation like getting a business on the basis of your credentials but in the long term it’s the result that matters.

#4 Make the client part of the process of the campaign

While there is no denying that the client wants the aha moment or the magic factor from its agency but it’s also a fact that for greater success one needs to make client a part of the entire logical process of its communication. If the client is part of the process it will ensure that one is not still discussing briefs while making a presentation. Also this will ensure that the client is well aware of the building of the campaign and there is a common ground of discussion. Also reduces the chances of your ideas being rejected at the final stage when the client has been in the dark during the entire process and ultimately dislikes the communication presented.

#5 Take him to Cannes!

Make him part of a creative workshop that will help him in understanding the creative process and appreciate the nuances of what goes behind making an ad.

#6 Show him that you eat, sleep and breathe his brand

Any news on his brand or his category – just scan it and send it to him so that he appreciates your dedication to his brand.

#7 Discounts are no deal

This is a very common practice to make inroads into a client and his other brands. Give him a discount; reduce the retainer fee so that the business stays with your agency. This actually is a disservice to the industry as it reduces us to being mere traders and loses respect in the eyes of a client.

#8 Jee Hazoori

Agreeing to whatever the client says without applying any intellect. This clearly shows that you are more interested in keeping the business in your kitty and not in the growth of the brand.


Manish Bhatt is Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications Ltd

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2 responses to “The anchor: Manish Bhatt on 8 things an agency does to keep the client in its pocket”

  1. Mandarsinh A Polekar says:

    Very few people have the guts to accept whatever you have pointed out, but then they are, as you said “Mere Traders”. All the best to you & your agency, keep up the good work.

  2. Vinay Punjabi says:

    Excellent stuff,Manish.

    Very well expressed.

    Hits directly on the bone.However,our industry is full of

    rhinos.Nonetheless,awesome blatant truth.Kudos !!!

    Superb !