The anchor: Anita Nayyar on 8 reasons women are better bosses than men

15 Sep,2011

#1 Dedication: Women are found to be far more dedicated and hard-working in their professions, and tend to take work far more seriously. This gives them an edge since dedication is key for any professional to succeed.


#2 Organised : Given their responsibilities viz professional, social and family, women are more organised and hence able to multi-task in their professional and social lives.


#3 Task Management : The need to multi-task and play dual roles makes women better task managers which once again is extremely key for better deliveries and efficiencies in a professional world.


#4 Passion : It is said that in similar situations and working cultures, it is the passion for what you do which differentiates you from others. Women work with a lot of passion. They are far more emotional about their work and this differentiates them. Being genetically emotional automatically makes them more caring, and they deal with situations and people with far more care and sensitivity.


#5 Understanding: The ability to understand various situations works in favour of women. Having to deal with different day-to-day situations help the cause of better understanding and hence better approach to work.


#6 Patience: Women are naturally more patient, and this fantastic ability helps them in all walks of life. A patient boss is preferred any day.


#7 Mature: Dual roles, multi-tasking, passion, etc make women more mature. This helps them in a better understanding and approach at the workplace.


#8 Different : Last but not the least, they are MADE differently!



Anita Nayyar is CEO, India and South Asia, Havas Media


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