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20 Sep,2011

By Chhaya Balachandran Aiyer
So it was a crazy time partying last evening. I left with Bo Hwang, ECD and VP from HS Ad Seoul, LG’s in-house agency. We had to decide which of the parties to go to! There was Ogilvy and Lowe starting at 7 pm and then a JWT party, one by TBWA and may be one hosted by McCann.

I wasn’t really aware about the latter two. Anyway we decided to go Ogilvy first because our friend Johan ECD from AKQA suggested we are going to get some food there too. So there we made it by about 8 pm. And what did we find. Right outside the building before we entered we were accosted by a very attractively decked carnival woman, with all shiny blue sexy costume and those large plumes sticking out from her headdress and a very pleasant young man, and painted bus asking us to head to the Street Carnival organized by Lowe!! Ha ha.. so yea they did their best to redirect the crowd from Ogilvy, and I found out later that they were pretty successful. Bo and me decided to head upstairs anyway.

So the Ogilvy party was happening at a newly opened office… so it was empty unfurnished. There were some 5 women who flocked over to Bo as soon as we entered!! And I was so impressed with BO from then on. Yes, I really liked him till then, and now I found out that he was so popular with women from around the globe.

We made our way through the fairly packed place at Ogilvy… we got our glass of red wine, no food though J. I think Bo managed to get himself a bite or two. I had to make it right downstairs to grab a smoke. But yes I made friends with Emma Osborne, MD from Aspire Gobal Neworks who down there for a smoke too and holding two red balloons that flew away. And then back up with a cute little girl Jenny Choo from Breakfast Film Seoul. She was going to entertain me I realized , more than I expected much later in the evening.

So yeah, JJ from Ogilvy One had it organized for us, we were to go in his car for the next two parties and we made it to the Lowe Carnival at the junction of Ann Siang Hill and Club Street. And was that place packed.. the street was overflowing from the likes of Madison Av. Asia . There were 3 pubs that were blocked by Lowe and people with drinks were inside outside everywhere. Jenny was soon garlanded with a scarf of pink feathers… and we got our drinks. We also got some real food and some 5 of us were placed ourselves next to the snack counter and made friends with loads of people there.

Finally we headed to the JWT party on the rooftop of the building their office was in. Yeah, and this is where Jenny gave that moment to remember. The rooftop has this little shallow pools all over. And Jenny walked straight into one with her plumes and all.. her little black dress and black pointed heels.. and she managed to ensure that her glass of wine did not fall.. it was an awesome sight. I was right next to her.. tried to stop her.. but it was too noisy for her to hear. So yes, then I did help her out of the water apologizing all the time as I was laughing my heart out, and then did not feel guilty
‘cause she could not stop laughing too. And yes.. so we laughed for rest of the night we simply could not overcome that scene. JWT party had the best music, I must admit. I couldn’t catch the DJs name. Some fireplay was organized but those are the kind of stuff we find on the beaches of Goa, so nothing spectacular. What was sad though was when the drinks ran out pretty fast and all the bar seemed to have was warm beers.

Johan, Bo, Jenny and me decided to head back to the hotel, tried to find out if the Post Office bar on the way was open, but we could order just one last drink so we headed straight back to Axis Bar at
the Mandarin Oriental where we all stayed.

That was the end to last evening or early morning hours of today. Now heading for the Awards Night and the After Party… . J

Chhaya Balachandran Aiyer is founder-managing director, BC Webwise

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