RIP, King of Soft Focus

13 Sep,2011

Mediaah! is updated three to four times a week. What you read here is a set of posts put up on September 13:

We still remember his soft focus pictures of Rekha on Filmfare covers. One of the best known film and glamour photographers in the country, Gautam Rajadhyaksha passed away this morning due to heart attack. His photographs have adorned several magazine covers and newspaper supplements.

Some tweets that we noticed since morning. They kind-of say it all.

Shobhaa De: My darling Gautam Rajadhyaksha no more.Saddened beynd belief.Farewell confidante-cousin.Thank u 4 your generous love nd soft focus memories.

Amitabh Bachchan: Gautam Rajadhyaksha the most gentlest of humans, and one of the finest photographers in the Industry, a friend,family favorite ..RIP

Atul Kasbekar: My Guru n Mentor, Gautam Rajadhyaksha passed away this morning. my principal influence n a truly wonderful, gentle, kind n talented man

Karan Johar: Gautam rajadhyaksha was one my most favourite people in the fraternity…funny,sensitive and always positive..I love you gautam and I miss u

Sneha Rajani (Sony/MSM): RIP Ace photographer Gautam Rajadhyaksha. Thank you for the memories.

If you had a great face and reasonable acting skills, a portfolio by Gautam was sure to land you a reasonable role. While he has also written the story and screenplay for a few movies, he would be best remembered for his contribution to film journalism. Mediaah! and the media will miss him.

If you have an interesting Gautam Rajadhyaksha story, email us at pradyumanm[at] (we’ve a Mediaah! address soon).


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Great expectations from AKB and SD


Our messenger hasn’t stopped buzzing. There have been many reactions to the two Business Standard appointments we reported yesterday. Just two reactions to Shailesh Dobhal’s appointment. So let’s get them out of the way.  Hope Shailesh is able to bring in some buzz to BS. Something that he didn’t have to do in ET and couldn’t do in FE. There’s another that said:It is interesting to see Ninan adopting a news features guy to this job.

There is another reason why Mediaah! is happy to record Dobhal’s appointment. He is the second advertising and marketing journalist in the recent past after Rahul Joshi who covered the beat and who has moved mainstream. Ad and media beatwallahs are generally not considered pinkblooded journos by the economy, markets and corporate guys. In the good old days when business was called commerce in newspapers, even corporate was kind-of pariah, but when the news on Reliance meant more than just the business group’s fight with the Wadias and others or its rise on Dalal Street, the companies or corporate beat took centrestage.

BS was incidentally one of the few papers which was very strong on corporate stories. It still is, but the big boys almost always grant the exclusives to Eco Times. That’s a challenge that AKB and Shailesh and the captains of other editions will achieve.

On AKB, well, we must admit that there’s a past (between Mediaah! and him) when we had alerted him about a plagiarism case in the paper.But that’s the past. We spoke to a cross-section of current and former employees to find out, and while there’s some optimism given that he will give, others are a little more cautious. The consensus of course is that while they want the emphasis on hard news to increase, the need for a contemporary feel plus an open and fresh approach to business journalism are needed.Baru ensured that as he was very receptive to new ideas and not living in the past.

Watch this space for more.



New York Times starts an India-specific site

This has been reported by Medianama before, but needs a quick mention. Thanks, Srinivasa Prasad (Professor, Manorama School of Communication, Kottayam) for sending us the link, it would’ve slipped a mention.

The New York Times has started a section called India Ink, its first ever, country-specfic site for news, info, culture and general chatter. It’s got a pretty large team of writers and a coordinator, so if you are interested in the NY Timesy-kind of intellectual writing, go there. We will.

There’s also a Twitter handle: @nytindia. And the site’s at:

PS: Don’t know what you think, but we thought that a bit of J&K was lopped on the India map? True or are we imagining things? Let us know at any of the following coordinates: pradyumanm[at], 23050B5D, Gtalk: pradyumanm[at], @pmahesh.

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