Rally of the dolls for Parle

26 Sep,2011

By A Correspondent

Parle Products, India’s largest biscuits and confectionery brand, is all set to enter the Guinness World Records, aiming to reach there with the Parle’s Golu Galata, the first festival to feature over 1 lakh Golu dolls at one place in Chennai.

Over the last six years, Parle has been at the forefront of trying to revive the dying tradition of Golu Dolls prepared by people in Tamil Nadu during the Navratri festival. This year, Parle has asked all participants to come together to participate in a community Golu by displaying their Golus at a common location in Chennai’s Island Grounds during the festival. More than 1 lakh people are expected to participate – creating a world record. Officials from the Guinness World Records have confirmed that they will attend the event.

Navratri Golu, is celebrated actively during nine days of Navratri festival in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In Tamil Nadu, traditionally, women decorate various dolls (called Golus/Kolus) made of clay during Navratri celebrations by setting up odd numbers of steps and keeping Golus on it. This display is well decorated and friends and relatives are invited to witness the same. Through a detailed research, Parle found that due to time pressures, this tradition is slowly dying and is getting restricted to a select few households. Thus, to revive the fading tradition, Parle introduced this novel promotion called Parle Golu Galata contest in 2005 (Galata means a festival or a celebration).

Mr Mayank Shah, Group Product Manager, Parle Products said, “It is a proud moment for us to be able to get to this rare record. When we started the Golu Galata festival our aim was to make the youth revisit our age-old customs and traditions. More than the achievement of a record, being able to view over one lakh Golu Dolls at one place showcases the fact that we have been able to create awareness among the youth of Tamil Nadu about this festival.”

During the month Parle is also planning to organize several promotional activities to generate a buzz around the event, and has created a website for the event – www.parlegolugalata.com.

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