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07 Sep,2011

Company: MTS

Execution period: October 2010-December 2010

Aim and Objectives: Introduce the MTS-Reebok offer in Delhi and NCR

The Background: MTS has positioned itself as not just another mobile telephony company.

Data is the face of the brand and is summarised by Hi speed internet and smart mobile telephony.

The key idea that emerged after discussion: When the campaign was initiated, the question was, In the world of data, what do we stand for? What do we deliver? The answer was Speed, and a better and richer user experience.

The next step was to define the client’s TG which would be 18-29, SEC A, B who are driven by passion sports (cricket), music, seek to do newer things, willing to explore,lifestyle driven (always aiming for higher things) and impatient,hence wantingeverything here and now.

Solution: The client decided on an association of two popular brands to generate higher acquisition and attraction among the common target audience, the youth.

The obvious question here would be why associate with shoes? The choice was because shoes signify High Utility value, High perceived value and most importantly it’s a common factor used by all genders, class and segment among others.

Innovations: MTS decided to partner with Reebok and the choice for the brand was because it has:

Largest retail presence

Largest product line

Only option in bulk business

Reebok is associated with Speed and Cricket and has good sports celebrity endorsing their product

Branding of MTS at Reebok Store. Speed Ka Double Dose (SKDD)

Key Programmes for SKDD included

Employee Offer (Internal Communication, Employee Fulfilment Process)

Press Conference

Consumer Offer (External Communication, Employee Fulfillment Process)

The offer:

Get MBlaze and Reebok Shoes worth Rs 3,499 for just Rs 1,999 !!

Data Base rate:

Re 0.10/MB in Day time (7am to 10pm)

Re 0.05/MB in Night time (10pm to 7am)

Execution: For the internal communication three phases of interaction were used.

Build Curiosity : Teaser Phase

Building hype around celebrities

Reach employees using Desktop Wallpapers, Posters, Standees and E-mailer

Unveil : Launch

An attractive consumer offer was introduced.

External Communication

Launch of Consumer micro site

Launch on Sep 20

Full function site having registration as well as engagement areas

Landing page with 2-D animation that contains the needed engagement elements and theme,

about the Double Dose offer with Sameera and Yuvi in the background, so users interact

with them using their mouse

Inside pages designed for the game, User Generated content and Fitness Tips

The game was a question and answer based on cricket (speed-related) (1 page)

User generated content for one activity -Show us how fast you can tie your shoelace

The Fitness section had videos served from the server.

The multi-media launch programme included celebrity-led communication assault with Yuvraj Singh and Sameera Reddy TV Campaign

Print & OOH Campaign

Digital Campaign

BTL Campaign

Press Conference & Appearances

Communication to build on the already established core MBlaze proposition of Speed

Great Value offer for the coming festive season

Huge media saliency buildup

Consumer engagement through massive BTL activation pan-India

Media Plans:

TV : Build Reach & Mass Awareness

Sep 23  Nov 5

High R&F plan delivering huge GRPs

Usage of key properties for immediacy

Print & OOH : Reminders

Oct 1  Nov 5

Exciting messages with celebrities

Extensive use of Reebok stores for promotion

Facades, Windows etc.

Digital : Build Interactivity & Drive Traffic

Oct 1  Nov 5

Targeted banner and contest-driven lead generation activity

Driving traffic to microsite

Microsite as experience destination

BTL : Consumer Engagement

Oct 1  Nov 5

Speed-led activation programme  speed race game at mall / multiplexes

Instant winner gratifications

Promoter activity at Reebok stores


Expected key deliverables: Key benefits sought from the activity were Incremental Gross Adds,

Revenue and Usage;

Enhance Retail penetration; Brand Awareness and Rub off Customer Engagement.

Analysis: A consumer engagement activity which was effectively planned and delivered.

(Case Study sourced from MTS)

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