MTV’s Roadies is a game to wait and watch for

22 Sep,2011

By Dhara Salla


Nine years down the line, the Roadies fever can still grip the way it always does. This is probably India’s only reality show format to be adopted internationally.  MXM tracks down the complete journey masala of Roadies.

MTV Roadies has caught on among the youth to the extent that it has been termed a cult. Not only was audience interest intact throughout, it geared up in its fourth and fifth season. Mr Raghu Ram, the producer of the show, had commented in a media report back in 2005 itself that the popularity of the show has increased to 2500 per cent than what it was in the first season.

According to the TAM data, Target Audience, CS-15+ in the HSM, for the opening episodes in 2003, the first season of Roadies opened with just 0.14 TVR. Later in the second season in 2004 it ascended to 0.27 TVR and in 2005 to 0.3. It really picked up in the fourth season and one of the reasons of this credit goes to Gurbani, known as VJ Bani, with whom the TVR touched 0.31 in 2006. This was followed by 0.34, 0.34, 0.42 and 0.29 TVR in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011.There has been a consistent upward trend except for 2011.

In 2009, Roadie Palak aka Gurmeet Kaur claimed to Times of India that Roadies is scripted and all those youth who consider to be a part of this show should re-think. But according to the TVR it did not touch the popularity quotient.


Success Mantra

Then what could be the success mantra? According to Ormax study in the month of August, it said VJ and Actor Rannvijay is the most popular personality among the youth followed by Mr Raghu Ram. Does the popularity of the faces make this show so successful or is it the concept? Mr Aditya Swamy, Channel Head MTV, answers this, “Every year we try to set a different standard for the show. It is a cult, Rannvijay came in because of Roadies and now Roadies is associated with his face, and Raghu is the brain behind this concept. Everything together gives a complete package of success. We always need two hands to clap.”

According to Mr Swamy, its not only about the TV show but also the off-TV engagement that they have created, like on Orkut Roadies where the community has more than 3 lakh members. The Roadies Page on Facebook is the fifth most engaged page in the world, and the Roadies Battleground contest that happens online encourages youth to participate by giving them tasks online and uploading their videos.


This year’s Roadies

MTV Hero Roadies 9 this year travels to USA with the new theme, “Everything or Nothing.” Mr Swamy explains, “The Roadies contestants will be given two choices at every turn and they will have to choose one which will lead to either everything or nothing.” He further adds, “As this year we are going to USA the tasks will be according to that, for example in Las Vegas the tasks will be about gambling.”

The auditions have already started but Mumbai is not in the list of cities for auditions. On this Swamy reveals that, “Roadies has its diehard fans in the cities like Pune and Hyderabad so we chose to go there and get the right people.”

The title sponsor is Hero (earlier known as Hero Honda) and the associate sponsors are Mountain Dew, Lava mobiles, Spraymint, Ceat, Steelbird, Denver. Cafe partner is CCD, Radio Partners are Radio Mirchi in Pune, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad and Big FM in Chandigarh, and Multiplex Partners are Inox in Pune and Kolkata and PVR Cinemas in Delhi, Chandigarh and Hyderabad.


What’s In Store

Mr Swamy said, “We have MTV Unplugged with 10 episodes, second season of Crunch which is a multi platform reality show, F1 Rocks, Vodafone Race to Fame and Roadies will be on air by the end of the year.”

MTV is a channel that originally started as music television, then moved on to be a youth reality channel and now it is a mixed bag of youth channel and music. Whether Roadies, MTV’s hottest property, will live up to expectations and continue to rule the charts, remains to be seen.

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