KBC takes the Vritti bus for max recall

28 Sep,2011

By A Correspondent

The results of a recently concluded survey by Vritti i-Media reveal that the ad jingle of Kaun Banega Crorepati has emerged as the most recalled ad at MSRTC-owned bus stands across Maharashtra. Sony Television has roped in Vritti i-Media’s audio advertising network to relay the famous jingle of KBC to serve the audience as a reminder to watch the daily quiz show, now in its fifth season.

In line with the “Koi insaan chhota nahi hota” ad messaging, this is an effort by the marketing team at Sony to increase the viewership base of people residing in the semi-urban and rural parts of India. In order to reinforce this message, the KBC advertisements have been playing at regular intervals across ST bus stands in Maharashtra along with the bus arrival and departure announcements on Vritti’s audio network. The combined effect of the familiar jingle and the Bachchan baritone coupled with the compulsory listening format that is the advantage of Vritti’s medium, this jingle has emerged as the most popular and highest recalled ad across rural Maharashtra.

Emphasizing the effectiveness of the medium, Mr Veerendra Jamdade, CEO, Vritti Solutions says, “For most of the people in small towns and villages of Maharashtra, MSRTC buses are the major mode of transport. While they are at the bus stand waiting to board the buses, advertisements played at the stand are the only mode of entertainment for them. Kaun Banega Crorepati has identified this and is reaping its benefits.”

Insights from the bus stands in Maharashtra:

ST buses are the chief mode of transport for the rural consumers.

Each bus stand is frequented by at least 40,000 people each day.

A frequent traveller visits the bus stand at least 2-3 times in a week

On an average a traveller spends at least 20-25 minutes at the stand before boarding a bus.

India resides in small towns and villages. And with Vritti’s networks, it has become lot easier for advertisers to reach this India effectively.

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