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15 Sep,2011

Adman-turned-journalist Anil Thakraney reviews ad creatives for You may love them or hate them, but you simply can’t ignore them… all written in an inimitable style.

The reviews will appear 104 times a year. Every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Volkswagen Jetta: India is shining. But reader… please buzz off!

The Volkswagen guys were back recently with another kick arse print media innovation. Which basically meant buying out the front page of the daily newspapers, thus rodgering the readability. (Who cares for the reader, anyway?)

This time it was for their brand new premium gaadi, Jetta. The newspaper arrived shining, quite literally. The front page was printed on a glossy, steely, mirror-like paper. The message: ‘Time for Volkswagen. Time for the all-new Jetta’. You will recall in the past Volkswagen has put out a ‘speaking’ newspaper. On another occasion they got proprietors to dig large holes inside their newspapers. (Who cares for the reader, anyway?)

Yes, as in the past, the latest gimmick worked. Jetta got noticed and instantly became the talk of the town. Also, I suspect the high-gloss, snazzy, over-the-top page would have, in particular, appealed to the small and medium level businessmen. Who have all the bucks but are likely to be low on taste. In other words, the key target market for Jetta.

And yes, the readability went for a toss because of the mirror work. (Who cares for the reader, anyway?)

Rating: Since I am not a Jetta buyer (I am into Tata Nano): &%@% &^#!


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