HT focuses campus appeal on youth

29 Sep,2011

By Akash Raha

Hindustan Times has been constantly building into the youth market with several initiatives and campaigns for the young. HT draws a yearlong plan to activate all these events. MxM India spoke to Mr Diptakirti Chaudhuri, AVP – Marketing, Hindustan Times to learn more about this stress.

The initiative follows the trajectory of a youth just out of school and entering the college. HT follows his/her campus journey all year round. It begins with Campus Calling where it tells the youth about the various opportunities to get into educational institutions and imparts counselling. Thereafter there are other initiatives like Fresh on Campus, Mission MBA, Youth Nexus, Study Abroad, Career Quotient and College Fests. Currently, Mission MBA is on, on full swing since the CAT exams are not too far away. In the coming months, there will be workshops and group discussions on how to crack the CAT. Also, Freshen Campus, which includes organising freshers’ parties across campuses, is currently on.


Offerings for the young

HT carries the more serious campus related issues in HT Education and the fun events in campus on HT City. Also, there is HT Edge a campus supplement especially designed for the youth. It is a 12-page newspaper which was launched a year back especially for especially for the youth. It is priced at Re 1 and is distributed across colleges and homes.

Speaking about campuses Mr Chaudhuri said, “Campus is very important to us and we lay special thrust on doing well there as these are the people who write the future of our nation. We have observed that in the campus people don’t find the regular newspaper useful enough or cool enough. They are tired of reading about politics and corruption. Hence, we have revamped our content to give them exactly what they want to read.”

He went on to say. “These days, our educational supplements include a lot of non-normative career options, such as those for RJs, VJs, chefs etc. We have done studies and surveys to get to know that the youth of today are moving away from the conventional professions of being a doctor, engineer, CA etc. We try to bridge such a gap.”

Apart from the offering for college going students, HT also has HT Next for school going students. The newspaper is distributed to around 1,400 schools in Delhi region.

When asked how they were leveraging their initiatives and campaigns on campuses further, Mr Chaudhuri said that online was their biggest medium to take the cause of the campus forward. The Facebook page ( has over one lakh members and sees a lot of interaction amongst peers, where the monitoring (according to HT) is minimal.

The initiative to help youth and students is a pan-India activity, with concepts and ideas developed in-house. Considering that India is only getting younger as a substantial part of the population is below the age of 25, the initiative is certainly going to reap rich dividends for HT for a sustained period of time.

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