Fast company, any takers?

01 Sep,2011

Over the last few months, social activist Anna Hazare has become a household name. , and his feat has surpassed many notions mass movements.[didnt understand] Few young people would have encountered a mass uprising of this dimension, and the sentiment that Mr Hazare sparked has inspired many sections of society to make a difference. The rebellion encompasses men and women from all classes and social strata, and that is what makes this popular movement different.


As Mr Hazare’s fast ran into the next day and the next, media houses kept notching up higher TRPs with every passing hour. Such events are news organizations dream come true, as they keep their platter full for days on end. Ramlila Maidan was filled with Mr Hazare’s supporters, militating for a strong Lokpal Bill, and media houses enjoyed a bullish viewership.


But not everyone is convinced about the media’s activism and its role in the issue. The media has been repeatedly accused of sensationalism and blowing the issue out of proportion. It is blamed for supporting a popular movement, even without knowing what consequence it (the Bill) will lead to.


Speaking on media’s role in the recent Anna’s fight against corruption Anupama Maitra, Lecturer at Calcutta University, said I have serious reservations about the role of media in general, and the Anna hype is no exception. There is a lot of money behind it and it is motivation enough to blow issues out of proportion.


Apart from watching the media’s action from the monetary perspective, some also differ with its role ideologically. According to Aatrayee Ghosh, MPhil student at JNU, The whole issue is an overhyped mass craze that is demanding the destruction of its own democracy and its institutions; and the major role played in building this hype is by the media.


However, not all is lost for the media, as some sections of society still feel that it has played a pioneering role in recent times. Sahil Mullick, Advocate, Bombay High Court, said, Alas; India as a country is acting critical, conversational[?] and ignorant on a common issue. Thanks to a relatively more pro-active and less commercial approach of the media, 121 crore people of my country know there is something going on.

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